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Training in your new Active Wear Leggings

Training in your new Active Wear Leggings


Leggings are a stylish way to express yourself when you’re getting fit, doing yoga, training at the gym or enjoying a walk with friends and these days there are plenty of great options for how to wear your leggings so they are both functional and look great. Whether you’re wearing seamless leggings, colour leggings or you’re decked out in a pair of high waisted pocket leggings so you can bring along your wallet or phone, there are plenty of great options for the legging-lovers amoung us. If you have a stack of leggings in your wardrobe and are wondering how to create the perfect look, we’ve put together some of our favourite combinations to help you find some outfits you’ll love wearing but will also look the part.


If you’ve had children or you love the feel of a high waisted legging, this is a great option for those who enjoy the comfort of a legging that won’t roll down when you’re working out or running some errands. Plenty of celebrities enjoy wearing high waisted leggings combined with a hoodie or a cut mid drift top, and it’s a perfect look for a hot summer’s day or when you’re heading to the gym and then needing to buzz across to the shops. HIgh waisted leggings are fast becoming one of the latest and most popular options in leggings as they pull in the stomach and offer a smooth, seamless look so you can wear a range of tops and layers without feeling like your stomach is being cut into by the legging waistband.


Take your gym gear and fitness outfit from workout to lunch by adding a sweet denim jacket or a cool layered top over your workout gear. Your leggings don’t need to just be seen in the gym or in your yoga class, enjoy the comfort and clean lines of your gear out and about and stay comfortable all day in your leggings. Whether you add a workout jacket or you have a nice denim one you love to add to your ensemble you can create a great look that transfers throughout the day so you don’t need to rush home to get changed.


If you travel, you’re probably sick of the discomfort of wearing jeans or your tight clothes when you are on the plane - and wearing your leggings and workout gear is a great alternative. Add your leggings with a sweet black top and black jacket and you have a sleek look for travel whilst you won’t need to worry about feeling uncomfortable on the flight.


It’s safe to say that leggings can be worn dressed up and dressed down and if you have a fun and bright jacket you can throw it over your top and leggings and create a great new outfit that will be relaxing to wear and make a statement. Don’t be shy about your styling, add some necklaces and accessories and have a play with your legging and jacket combo.


If you’ve ever been on a shopping marathon you would know that your feet and your body hurt at the end of the day, so why not dress in your leggings and your favourite casual sneakers and be ready for a shopping-fest without the sore feet. Through on a relaxed t-shirt and even pop a cute denim skirt over your leggings and you can transition your look to a really fun and functional shopping outfit that will let you last all day in the malls. You can even add an oversized jumper or sweatshirt over your leggings to create a fashionable look that all the celebrities are embracing. This look balances out proportions and helps to create a cool and edgy look without you needing to get out of your leggings or tights.


If you want to make your leggings something you can wear around town, adding a pretty flowing blouse or a flowing long sleeved top is a fun way to make your comfortable leggings that little bit more special for the everyday look. A flowing top is very flattering and adding a handbag, jacket and some slides will create the perfect outfit and will fit you like a dream. Whether you like a floral look or you want to keep to white, it’s a stunning option for a cool outfit paired with your leggings.


You might only wear workout tops or crop tops with leggings but tucking your shirt into your leggings is a great addition to your usual legging looks. You can also wear cropped leggings with a top tucked into your leggings for another unique option for your outfit. Add some colour Colour in your outfit is a fantastic way to get the look you want without having to be plain or boring. Whether your leggings are bright or you have a top or jacket that makes a statement, adding a pop of colour will help you stand out from the crowd. Avvini offers a wide range of leggings, sports bras, short sleeve t-shirts, seamless leggings, high waisted pocket leggings and more - with sizes ranging from small to XL. Look fashionable and cool while you are running across town or heading to the gym in some of our gorgeous styles. If you’re looking for the perfect legging with a range of features including butt lift, pockets or high waist, Australia-made Avvini is making a reputation for itself for offer quality fitness and active wear at an affordable price. Join the Avvini mailing list today to keep up to date with the latest range and offers straight to your inbox. Visit Avvini online today to check out their range of fitness wear and create the perfect look for your leggings with Avvini.