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What’s the difference between training in our Luna Seamless Scrunch Bum Leggings and other leggings

What’s the difference between training in our Luna Seamless Scrunch Bum Leggings and other leggings

What’s the difference between training in our Luna Seamless Scrunch Bum Leggings and other leggings

If you’re into your gym workouts and fitness, you would know that there are leggings and workout gear that make your workouts easier and garments that aren’t enjoyable to wear which can be a massive distraction while you are doing your exercise. 

Enter the seamless scrunch bum legging, one of the coolest and most convenient styles of legging to enter the women’s activewear market in years. 

Finding seamless scrunch bum leggings that suit your style, body and fitness regime can be a hit and miss, but once you find a style and brand that ticks all the boxes, you won’t look back. 

Difference between quality leggings and other leggings

Let’s be frank, not all scrunch bum leggings are created equally, and in the case of leggings in general, there are plenty of brands that just don’t make the cut.

From sweat marks under your butt, to leggings that emphasise the wrong parts of your body, there are elements of poorly made leggings that you should be aware of. By choosing a quality brand of leggings that takes the time to style and design a quality piece, you get amazing quality leggings that look great and are highly effective during your workouts.  

Problems with other leggings:

  • Leggings which are see-through when you squat– this is common for poorly made leggings and can be super embarrassing when you are working out in a packed gym. 
  • Camel toe – when leggings have seams near the crotch you can wind up with very ugly camel toe – avoid these designs like the plague. 
  • Sweat marks under the butt – this can be awkward when you’re doing cardio or a weights session, and the reason is due to poor moisture wicking material that shows off butt sweat. 
  • Non-high waisted– the key to a smooth look when you are working out is often a high waist on your leggings. Without a high waist, you can have unwanted bulging around our hips. 

At the end of the day, you want your leggings to fit well and look great, and this can be achieved by selecting a quality garment that is made by a designer who understands athletic garments and sportswear. 

Features of the Luna scrunch butt seamless legging

One of the most popular scrunch bum leggings in the Avvini range are the Luna collection. The Luna leggings are super popular for a range of reasons, including the unique features that set us apart from our competitors. 

Luna Seamless Scrunch Bum leggings features include:

- Flattering design that emphasises curves with contouring texture

- Made from nylon and Spandex

- Compressive waistband 

- Full support for the body

- Four-way stretch materials that is super flexible

- Moisture-wicking

- Quick-dry material 

The Luna scrunch bum seamless legging is Australian made and created using 88% nylon and 12% spandex. The popular legging is designed to emphasise the body and curves, ensuring you not only get a great workout, but you look fantastic while you do it. 

Adelaide-based Avvini offers their community of fitness-loving supporters’ apparel and accessories that are designed to inspire and express your fitness. The creators are unique to other brands thanks to the incredible material and the attention to detail for activewear. On top of this, Avvini offers free express shipping for orders over $120 across Australia.  

If you’re searching for the perfect leggings that are seamless and ideal for your workout, check out the scrunch-bum seamless leggings from Avvini Athletica – it’s the ultimate workout leggings packed with plenty of great features.