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How to Style and Dress Up Your Activewear!

How to Style and Dress Up Your Activewear!

Activewear has had a transformation over the couple few years and evolved into the new trend of Athleisure. Athleisure is an athletic and leisure clothing hybrid and is one of the biggest clothing trends of 2021. Dressing up your gymwear is super fashionable and on trend these days. It can help you look like a serious fashion icon. Building on your activewear style to fit any occasion is the dream for everyone, as comfort is definitely a priority. Now, let's discuss some options and ways of how to style and dress up your workout wear to look fashionable, fun and be your most trendy self! 

  • Matching Set
  • Classic and obvious! Matching sets always make your fit look clean and coordinated. It helps you look effortlessly put together and stylish. Co-ords are so in right now and look good on EVERYONE. Soft nudes and pastel tones such as our Calypso Collection, are a nice contrast that help your set really pop! Even pairing with a blazer or cute puffer jacket over the top can really complete this outfit. If you haven’t already, hop on this fashion trend!

  • Chunky sneakers and Accessories!
  • Accessories can always make an outfit really come together. Accessories are always the cherry on top of any outfit, especially when it comes to activewear. Adding big earrings like gold hoops, a watch and or layering necklaces can turn a fit from bore to gimme more! Chunky sneakers are a real statement piece trending right now. They’re absolutely adorable and go with pretty much anything, they're perfect to pair with your activewear to enhance your fitness fashion!

  • Sunglasses are a must!
  • Sunglasses scream fashion icon and confident queen! Having a cute pair of sunnies on or sitting on your head while running errands, going for a walk or popping out for a quick brunch, really pull an outfit together. They make your look more casual, in a simple, yet classy way and definitely give you that A-List celebrity vibe. Next time you’re heading out with your workout wear on, throw on those sunnies to boost your active fit.

  • Hair, Hair, Hair!
  • We all love the convenience of a messy bun, trust us, we totally get it, but to really style up your workout fashion and get that wow factor, ditching the bun is the first step. Styling your hair will take your outfit to the next level. Adding beachy waves or a sleek high ponytail will pull your style together and make it pop. Your hair can make a big impact on the rest of your outfit as most people notice it first, so putting in the extra effort before you head out the door to look your most fashionable self will make a big difference on your outfit.

  • Baggy and Tight 
  • If you're doing a slouch tee, always pair with fitted bottoms like our Adapt Scrunch Bum Leggings. Contrasting loose with tight can help take your outfit to the next level. Even a tight sports bra like our Classic Sports Bra and loose sweats on the bottom. Too much baggy, loose clothing can sometimes look unflattering. Having the element of tightness to contour and shape your body is a fashion trend currently and will absolutely give your outfit the glow up it needs.

    We hope this helped you figure out some options on how to style some of your favourite activewear pieces or improve your future fits. Show us how you style some of our workout wear by tagging us in your instagram stories and feed, we can’t wait to see what your fashionista side brings out! Shop Avvini Athletica for all your needed workout wear and feel confident in some of our stylish and comfortable activewear. Until next time, happy shopping!