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Gymwear Collections Based on Your Star Sign

Gymwear Collections Based on Your Star Sign


This one is for our horoscope lovers! We did our research on your star signs to identify the perfect Avvini Athletica Collection match to your signs element. However, this may differ to your preferences so don’t feel too obliged to follow strictly, just a fun, little, estimated guess on what your star sign might lead you towards. Now, let's discuss the characteristics of the zodiac elements and which Avvini collection matches your sign! 



The fire signs are full of passion and enthusiasm. The fire signs live up to their name by being quite fiery, dominating personalities. They enjoy being the centre of attention and the life of the party and have strong loyalty.  They love a good sweat session and go extra hard on leg day. The fire signs are dedicated to the gym and push to hit those PB’s and maximise their gains. This is why The Luna Collection is perfect for our fellow fire signs. The scrunch bum supports and protects during your booty pump days. With the range of bold and beautiful colours of the collection, our fire signs can be their most extravagant selves and parade the gym looking as fabulous as always. 

girl laying with legs up in pink scrunch leggings




Water signs love to have fun! They are very in touch with their emotions and show strengths in being considerate and artistic! Water signs love to find new, creative ways to stay fit and active and enjoy training arm day whether that be through weight training or hot pilates. However, water signs can be very sensitive at times and feel insecure in themselves. Our colour-popping Calypso Collection seems to match our water signs very well. The pastel colours bring out our water signs creativity and fun side and the supportive seamless technology helps them feel more secure and comfortable in their workout wear, providing a free moving fit and a flattering design. 

girl side view in yellow calypso set



The air signs are known to be intelligent, they can be a real breath of fresh air and easy to communicate and get along with. Air signs are very empathic and good at providing advice to those around them. However, they can be indecisive at times. So, let us help you air signs pick your next buy. The Adapt Collection incorporates the much loved scrunch bum design with a more sleek look, the hexagon pattern hugs beautifully to the figure and is super comfortable for any workout you do or don’t decide. So our Air signs get the best of both worlds, of the trendy, booty popping scrunch on a simple, sleek design. 

rear view of model in grey adapt leggings



Earth signs are very set on what they want and are dedicated to getting their desires. They are dependable, strong-willed and definitely down to earth. Earth signs like to make plans and stick to them, they have a very strict gym schedule and like to stick to it. Earth signs can be quite stubborn at times and get frustrated when things don't go their way. Our beautiful Camo Legacy Collection is the perfect match for our earth signs. The tones of this collection fit in with the earthy vibes. The Legacy Collection is built with stamina and precision. The high, compressive waistband is built to help our earth signs stay determined while being supported in all the areas they need. The Legacy Sport Bra comes with a cross back to make sure everything stays secure and comfortable while our earth signs are on their missions of motivation. 

model split lunge side view in legacy collection

We hope you enjoyed discovering your zodiac element match. We would love to see you in your paired collection so don't forget to tag us in a photo of you wearing your favourite pieces on Instagram! Shop all Avvini Collections to discover what other collections and products you missed out on. Happy shopping, Athletes!