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Q&A: Scrunch Bum Leggings

Q&A: Scrunch Bum Leggings

Scrunch bum leggings have been a huge fashion trend recently and have become a very popular style of choice for people within the fitness industry. There are some common misconceptions and confusion with scrunch bum style leggings and products with the scrunch bum elements. We are here to debunk some of these myths and help you have a better understanding of the product before you purchase! Here are some common concerns and questions people have before they purchase the scrunch bum leggings and the answers and realities of them. 

back view of models in fitness leggings

Q: Are they hard to put on?

A: Not at all, they stretch and slip on easily!

The fabric used for our scrunch bum leggings is soft and gentle on the skin. They cling to your body without feeling too tight and claustrophobic.The material used is super stretchy therefore you are not fighting with them to get them on, they glide on due to the seamless technology. It’s almost like wearing a second skin so you can feel fully free and confident to maximize your gains in the gym. 


Q: Are they comfortable or do they give you a wedgie?

A: No wedgies here! Super comfortable and supportive

The nature of the contour and the perfect sculpting technology helps the scrunch sit around the booty to provide support and enhance the shape. The cinch hugs your bum, but does not dig in or cause discomfort because the leggings work with your body's figure, not against it. So, no wedgies and no pulling or fixing of any material from anywhere during your gym session. The scrunch bum leggings are squat and sweat proof therefore you’re free to squat as much as you want and have no stress of discomfort. 


Q: Do you have to have a voluptuous bum to wear them?

A: No way! Any size bum looks good in these!

The leggings are designed to hug your curves and create more shape around your bum to enhance your figure. So, whether you've got junk in the trunk or are still working up to achieve that juicy booty, these leggings are perfect at contouring and giving your bum the lift and sculpt it needs during your workout. You don't need any prerequisites to rock these beauties in the gym and look phenomenal while doing it. 


Q: Are the scrunch bum leggings only for younger girls? 

A: Leggings don’t have an age restriction! There for everyone and anyone!

Anyone can rock the scrunch bum! They are perfect for anyone looking to achieve their gym goals and want to feel stylish and secure in their activewear. Whatever stage you are in your life, you can feel confident and supported at the gym or during your workout. The supportive, curve hugging technology is definitely something everyone wants to experience, so don't hold back!

We hope these answers helped you understand the brilliance of our scrunch bum leggings a little more and helped debunk some of these false concerns you might have. So definitely give these beauties the benefit of the doubt and give them a go yourself, we are certain you’ll fall in love and once you take the step to scrunch bum, you don't turn back. Check out the rest of our products and shop Avvini Athletica for all your needed workout wear and feel confident in our supportive and comfortable activewear. Happy shopping athletes!