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How to style activewear

How to style activewear
Athelesiure is in the forefront of bringing together comfort and class in the world of fashion and activewear. With everyone’s lives becoming more hectic and time consuming, people need to make a quick change from gym to brunch and still look fabulous at the same time. This brings functionality and takes away the stress of changing into another outfit for your next event. Atheleasiure is bringing this game changing trend into the wardrobes of the activewear lovers of Australia. Keep on reading to check the ultimate guide to rocking your gym fit outside the world of fitness!

What is Athleisure Wear?

The booming trend of Athleisure is considered as “casual clothing designed for both exercise and casual use,” however the idea behind is to be parcatile and fashionable at the same time. By exploring and blending activewear and chic styles to create ready-to-wear one of a kind outfits, whilst still being comfortable. This trend reflects on how people are changing the needs of their lifestyle by becoming more health conscious, whilst balancing busy schedules by lowering the standards of what is considered well dressed. This trend is here to stay as the next move into modern fashion in apparel and activewear in australia. Grab your favourite pair of Scrunch Bum Leggings and let's get into the tips and tricks of styling Athelesuire!

Keep Things Minimal

Although activewear is fun, colourful and comes in a range of patterns and styles and is great to boost confidence in the gym these styles may be aggressive in a working office or out to lunch with friends. Mixing neutral colours such as, black, white, beiges will complement existing styles and create sophisticated and timeless outfits that can be reworn over and over again. If neturals aren’t your go adding simple colours such as khakis, blue denims can add a pop of colours to your outfits whilst still keeping it minimal. The perfect way to do this is by styling some black seamless leggings with a simple grey hoodie, denim jacket and your favourite pair of white sneakers to create a comfy and effortless look to run errands, or go shopping in especially in the colder weather. For a summer time look, replace the hoodie for a basic white tee to keep things sleek and simple.

Fashionable and Functional Activewear

Be just like your favourite influencers and mix functionality with the most fashionable pieces in your wardrobe. This is considered for both your activewear pieces and other items in your wardrobe. Having some staple fashionable items such as trench coats, classic straight leg denim jeans and blazers will allow you to integrate simple activewear pieces such as seamless leggings or a cute strappy sports bra, or minimalistic jumper will allow you to mix and match functional and easy outfits for day to day activities. These items are just some key ideas that can be dressed up or down and will never go out of style. Remember however, that the more formal the occasion the more formal to dress, the more casual the more comfortable you can dress to match the occasion.

Activewear Quality Check

Make sure your outfits are high quality! You want to style this in a fashionable way and avoid looking hot, bothered and lost in your outfit. Keep a close eye for athleisure that is sports-inspired yet stylish that you are able to integrate with your outfits. Keep away from old pairs of sneakers or jumpers and t-shirts that have holes and sweat stains on them. Reinvent your wardrobe with fresh and sophisticated pieces. Do this by researching and looking into current activewear trends such as scrunch bum leggings or a halter neck sports top to create current outfits. Invest in these items as they will last and can be worn time and time again.

Accessorise, Accessorise, Accessorise!

The best way to elevate your outfit is by accessorising with the right pieces. Look into stable jewellery such as simple gold, or silver hoops or diamante studs to present that clean girl look. Necklaces or rings can also be a great way to boost and complement aspects of your outfit in a simple manner. Look into caps and white socks or a cool pair of sunnies to emphasise the sporty and active side of your outfit. Invest in a good pair of white sneakers like the Cali Puma Sneakers or something on trend such as the new balance chunky sneaker to step up your outfit game.

What not to do!

There are so many amazing ways to elevate your activewear style but here are some things to avoid when getting into athleisure. Don’t over accessories, keep things simple with some few staple pieces, otherwise your outfit will be cluttered and messy. Don't go overboard with crazy patterns or bright colours. Keep it clean and minimal. Don’t wear old and damaged clothing. This will take away from the outfit. Make sure your outfit is Balanced! Don’t layer random pieces together! Make sure you keep your style and interpret athealsiure in your own way. It's very easy to lose your style in big trends, so keep your style unique.