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how to wear activewear

how to wear activewear

how tight should activewear be

The size of the activewear can impact the performance in the gym. An activewear- too tight and skin-hugging, would create discomfort whereas loose-fitting and baggy can create a weird look and an embarrassing situation of slipping down. The signs to a good fit for activewear are:

  • They should feel like second skin- snuggly but not leaving any marks or muffin top. 
  • They should create an opaque look but never see-through.
  • Allow a little extra room for the scrunch bum leggings as too tight means the scrunch bum effect maybe flattened out.
  • There shouldn’t be any visible outlines or baggy pool around the camel toe area. Finding the right activewear legging is not a rocket science, it just takes a bit of testing and trying. Try our range of activewear from Avvini Athletica offering a durable, trendy, and comfortable experience. Make the most out of our seamless and scrunch bum activewear range.

how to wear activewear outside the gym

The hectic lives have led to a demand of comfort wear. Activewear is the practical solution that has blurred the lines for an impeccable look from a workout class to a lunch date. For a sporty or street look the activewear can be styled along with a pair of leather or denim jackets, sneakers along with a stylish sports bra or sweats and accessorizing it with baseball cap, sunglasses, and pair of stylish hoops.

what to wear over the top of activewear

To add a fashionable look to the activewear try experimenting with the top of the activewear by the mix match looks, a sports bra under a bomber jacket or a classy coat over a tight. Try in the seasonal trendy colour palettes, colour blocking patterns and the mesh panels. Though black is out of season but when in doubt stick to the neutrals. Never compromise with utmost priority of any activewear even while styling for a chic look which is performance, comfort and wearing confidence.

how to wear activewear without seeing undies?

The most common dilemma which a women faces is to decide what underwear to wear under the activewear. No woman wants to be starred at the panty lines or the dreaded camel toe. The basics to wearing undies with your activewear can be a few worked around: • Pair up activewear and the undies with the same colour or camouflage with a print • Wear a flat front panel or seamless activewear • Replace undies with panty liners to avoid the sweat and moisture • Opt for squat-proof leggings

what underwear to wear under activewear?

The undies that are best under an activewear are: Seamless Panties: They give a proper form-fitting side and are a breathable no-show option. Thongs: They are breathable but can cause chafing so to choose wisely and avoid any lace trims. Laser-cut-panties: They are mostly made of moisture-wicking fabric with no panty lines but they are less breathable and fray too soon. These provide more coverage and smooth down beneath the butt cheek providing a clean smooth look in the activewear.

how to take off activewear top??

As the Activewear are made of spandex, a type of fibber that provides flexibility, durability, and longevity, it is necessary to take off the active top the right way. The best way to remove it effortlessly is by hiking the band crossing the arms at elbows to grab opposite side of the top and whisking it off the head effortlessly like a pullover. It is important to buy the correct size of activewear top. As the material of the activewear top is highly stretchable to retain the shape and flexibility it is also important to handwash them and air dry only.

how to pose in activewear?

• Nailing the best pose in an activewear when you are drenched in sweat, beetroot faced after the HIIT classes is still an art. The best poses can be snapped: • Post workout red faced flaunting the hard work and the curves in the activewear • Snap a few mirror pictures in gym toilets or changing rooms to avoid being run into in a public area • Twinning the activewear set with your gym mate • Running or jogging pretty locations • Working out weights and flaunting the back, abs and obviously the new stylish activewear • Last but not the least, yoga poses and the deadlifts – capturing it elegantly needs a whole load of work and an amazing activewear set.