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What does seamless leggings mean?

What does seamless leggings mean?
For all the gym bunnies who are working out religiously and meal prepping diligently, hats off to you!! With Insta and TikTok’s loaded with stylish gym apparels and easy meal preparation ideas. Working out glutes, weight training, practicing yoga, buying the most expensive activewear nevertheless, still unsure how different fabrics and styles of leggings affect your workout session and performance. Seamless is a cliché to the fitness industry and yet a lot of women are unaware what it signifies. Though the seamless and regular leggings may create the same impression on the eye they are both manufactured using different sewing methods. Firstly, seam refers to the stitch lines that join two pieces together. Take a quick peak and you would notice the outfit you are wearing has multi seams. Secondly, the seamless leggings are flexible modern style, made from a single fabric that creates a smooth tighter fit. Moreover, Seamless leggings are knitted on a tubular machine stitched together on the inner side of the leg whereas the regular leggings are sewn on a machine called an overlocker. The seamless leggings are made up of a lightweight fabric that has higher shape retention, flexibility, and comfort.

Are seamless leggings durable?

The seamless leggings are highly durable as they are free from zips, drawstrings, and any seams. The outcome is the seamless leggings are most comfortable, edgy, and fashionable, nil chafe and make a flattering silhouette.

Why choose seamless leggings for workout?

  • Flexibility: Few leggings hinder the performance performing stretches yoga, lunges and many more. While the seamless leggings offer the flexibility that make them more protected, comfortable, and impressive. They feel like a second skin and offers you the confidence to perform.
  • Lightweight: Heavy and hefty activewear are a big no. The leggings need to be lightweight so you can stay light, comfortable in the seamless layer. The seamless leggings are specifically engineered for rigorous workouts in a light-based material.
  • Breathable: Breathing is very critical to any workout session and so is the clothing you wear to a gym. If the activewear is made from a non-breathable material, it would end up retaining moisture causing rashes and sweat stains. Hence, seamless legging is the answer to wearing right and light material.
  • Non-Chafing: Seams are generally hidden away on the inside of the leggings and can cause discomfort. Besides uneasiness they may sometimes cause chafing too which can be highly avoided with the seamless leggings or shorts.
  • Flattering: The seamless leggings provide a tight fit which make you look chic and help really show up the contours in your legs you have been working on.
  • Comfort & Durability: The seamless leggings will get you more out of your workout by offering the comfortable stretchy, and durable experience in activewear.  Experience comfort and functionality in Avvini Athletica collections like Calypso, Adapt and Invictus. They are available in various colours and can be paired with cropped sweatshirts, cropped tops/ tees. They can be styled for a street look; loungewear looks and everything in between. The design and colour elements give a feminine look whilst keeping them comfortable and modish.