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How To Build A Healthy Relationship With The Gym

How To Build A Healthy Relationship With The Gym

How to build a good relationship with the gym 

Making sure you have a good relationship with the gym and being consistent with working out can be pretty tricky. Staying motivated is super tough, especially at the start, and it feels like no one  talks about it. Gains and healthy habits unfortunately don't form overnight and a lot of work goes into maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a good relationship with the gym. We are here to discuss how to maintain a good and healthy relationship with the gym to help you stay focused and motivated in the new year and be the best version of yourself. Here are some tips and tricks to help with this!

Confidence is key!

Being confident in yourself is the first step to a healthy relationship with not only the gym, but everything you come across in your life. Building self confidence doesn't come easy so making sure you are surrounding yourself with people that lift you up and that you're prioritizing your happiness and wellbeing in every situation is the first step to being your most confident self. 

Routine becomes a habit! 

Building a routine for the gym creates habits. Pushing the first few weeks and being consistent with it, helps you form healthy habits. A good way to build a routine is to plan out and find time to dedicate to the gym every week. It's best to do it around the same time everyday so your body gets used to it and can notice a routine formation. Meal prepping or following planned workouts are another way to form some healthy habits through routine. 

Fit check!

Nothing makes you more confident and motivated than a fresh, new gym set. Make sure you are stocked up with all the activewear you need to ensure you are always ready to look your best to feel your best in your fitness clothing. Stay on the current fashion trends and snatch up some Scrunch Bum leggings to help you feel more motivated and confident in the gym. 

Gym Buddy!

Having a gym buddy with you when you workout can help you stay motivated and also make sure you're getting the most out of your workout. Having someone to keep you on track and be your spot can be really helpful, especially if you're really not feeling it. They can stop you from skipping out and being lazy and push you to your limits and help you get those personal bests.

Do your research!

Study up, girl! Watch all the fitness youtube videos, your fav influencers and google how to achieve good form, what machines help you do what and how everything works. That way you can walk in with a head full of knowledge and know exactly what you need to make those goals for 2022. Keeping up to date with all the knowledge you need to ace the gym keeps you on track to a healthy relationship with it.

We hope this gives you some preparation before you start your gym journey! Remember confidence is key and feeling comfortable in your skin is very important in keeping you motivated and keeping your routine in check. Don’t forget to tag us in your Avvini gymwear selfies, we’d love to see it! Until next time, Athletes, happy shopping! x