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Common Misconceptions At The Gym

Our team at Avvini Athletica have come up with some of the common misconceptions at the gym that you should know and take into account next time you are working out!  So let’s just get stuck into it! 

“Lifting weights will make you bulk.” 

Ladies, ladies, ladies! Don’t be afraid to lift! We can promise you that weight lifting won’t make you look like Dwayne The Rock Johnson unless you train SPECIFICALLY for that. You can’t accidentally bulk up, it takes excessive and intensive training and can take a long time to achieve that sort of form. 

Lifting weights appropriately and on a regular basis will improve your health, keep your joints and ligaments lubricated and moving, boost your metabolism and increase your energy. As well as make you stronger! There are too positive, beneficial elements to weight lifting to just avoid it out of fear. Girl, get in there and start lifting! You can thank us later ;)

“If you don't feel sore after a workout, it doesn’t count.” 

WRONG! Feeling sore does not mean that you’ve had a better workout. In fact, it can mean you haven't stretched properly after your workout or caused yourself an injury.  Don't push yourself because you're likely to cause an injury and then you will be out of action for a very long time. Take it easy, push your limits when you KNOW you can push them. Gym does not always need to leave you feeling battered and bruised, that's a misconception about the gym and any sort of fitness/activity counts and will be good for your body. 

“You should ALWAYS stretch before you work out.”’

This is a common one that baffles people. Stretching before a workout isn’t necessary. It actually is recommended that you don’t static stretch before you workout. This is because your muscles have not been warmed up yet, therefore, you’re more likely to cause yourself an unwanted injury. Crazy huh!

The best thing to do before a workout is warm up. This can be done by a quick 15 minutes on the treadmill, to get your body moving, heart pumping, blood flowing and get your muscles warmed up, ready to go. So next time you're at the gym, prioritise warming up first and stretching later. Stretching after a workout is GOOD and it’ll prevent you from feeling so sore the next day, the more you know!

Our Calypso set is perfect for a good workout and a solid stretch after. The seamless technology ensures maximum movement, which supports all the areas you need to be supported when you're trying to good get a workout in. 


“The longer the workout, the better.”

The quality of your workout does not depend on how long you spend at the gym, it’s about how hard you work and how consistent you are. It also depends on what sort of exercises you choose to do. There are so many variables to what makes a workout a good workout but time is not one of them. 

So, you don’t have to spend 4 hours every night at the gym. Just being consistent, working out multiple times a week and watching your diet will help you start to see the results you’re so craving! 

“You need a gym membership to stay fit and on top of your health.”

No, no, no! Listen, gyms are super helpful as they have machines that can target exactly what you're trying to work on but if you are on a budget and can't spend that sort of money, that's no worries at all! You can still stay fit, healthy and happy without it! Building your own gym at home is pretty easy, you can get dumbbells for fairly cheap these days or even use sand bags, homemade weights and go for a run around your neighbourhood or at the beach!  Running/cardio outside is actually more beneficial in terms of burning calories than the gym as you have the wind & the uneven ground against you! 

All you really need for a good workout is a pair of Scrunch Bum Leggings, some pre-workout/protein and you can conquer the world baby!

We hope this blog helped you understand some of the common misconceptions in the gym that are handy to remember. It can prevent you from causing yourself an injury or help you get the real gains you’re after. If you're looking for some women's activewear to get you started on your gym or fitness journey, we at Avvini Athletica have a wide range of women’s gym wear. Until next time, Avvini Athletes!