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Staying Motivated At The Gym

Staying Motivated At The Gym

Welcome to 2022! Most people start the year off motivated to get fit, lose weight and be the best versions of themselves. However, we all know that this motivation does not always stick throughout the entire year, so what can you do to stop this from happening?

It's always important to understand that in order to be the best version of yourself and to see true, long lasting results, you need to have patience. Progress in the gym takes time, consistency and patience. This can be demotivating and the reason many people do not stay consistent in the gym. However, we have some tips that may help you stay motivated so you can keep going to the gym and stay consistent. 

Find ways to track your progress!

It's important to track your progress as it can be hard to remember where you started and how you have improved over a long period of time. Our minds like to trick us into believing that no progress has been made in the gym and that we haven’t been working hard enough. However, there are things you can implement to track your process which can help you to feel motivated at all times of the year! 

Firstly, take progress pictures! This is one of the biggest motivators, it allows you to see where you were when you first began your fitness journey and how much you have grown and changed in the process. Taking progress photos in the gym can be the most helpful tool as you can visually see results rather than looking at numbers and percentages. 

You can also track your weight weekly, fortnightly or monthly to make sure you are on track and making the progress you want. However, many people become discouraged when looking at the scale when numbers go up, so it is important to remember when you are working hard at the gym, you are also building muscle. It is important that you have a good understanding that muscle weighs more than fat so you need to factor this when tracking your weight. 

Another way to track your results is tracking how heavy you are increasing the weights in your sets each time you train. This not only will ensure that you are progressive overloading, but it will also allow you to see that you are becoming stronger at the same time. 

Challenge yourself!

If you begin to feel unmotivated in the gym, try to find ways to challenge yourself and find a new motivation. Join a fitness challenge, this will help you immerse yourself into a supportive community which can help you feel motivated and incredibly inspired by others who are on their own fitness journey. You can also begin to train with a friend or family member, having someone there to push you can be the biggest motivator as they can make sure that you are working to your limits. Another great way to challenge yourself is by joining group fitness classes! You can make new friends, learn new skills, challenge your abilities and make new goals. There are gyms that specialise in group training, or you can attend group classes that are held at your gym. Find a gym buddy and challenge yourselves in new classes, or go by yourself and push your limits!

Change your routine

After a period of time, repeating the same routine can become not only repetitive, but incredibly boring. For some people, this may make it demotivating to come into the gym, the easiest solution can be to change up your routine. If you are still relatively new to the gym and do not know much, you can always look at Instagram, Youtube or TikTok workouts to give you some new ideas. This is a great tool as you visually get to see the exercise and generally will have a lot of exercises to choose from. You can also consult or just ask for advice from a personal trainer in your gym! They are always super friendly to chat to and are more than happy to point you in the right direction. If you have friends who also stay active in the gym, you can ask them what exercises they have in their routines and incorporate them into your own. It can be easy to feel unmotivated in the gym, but by changing your routine, it can make you more motivated and excited to be in the gym. 

Update your gym wardrobe!

Inspire yourself with new gym outfits! Looking cute in the gym will not only motivate you, but it can also give you more confidence while working out. Updating your gym wardrobe can make you more excited and make you motivated to get into the gym. To keep yourself motivated, you can reward yourself with new gym wear after you accomplish something. This will not only give yourself a goal to work towards, but it will also make you excited when you achieve those goals and get to reward yourself. 

These are just some of our ideas at Avvini Athletica on how to keep you motivated! Comment and let us know if you have any other tips for being motivated. We can’t wait to see what you all achieve in 2022! As always, tag us when you wear Avinni, let's stay motivated this year and be our best selves!