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Comparing Scrunch Bum Leggings

Comparing Scrunch Bum Leggings
Glute enhancement, muscle building and body contouring are becoming the main motivators for going to the gym, and feeling confident while doing so is key. Here’s where Scrunch Bum Leggings come into play. The high-waisted, body sculpting athletic wear for high performance workouts gives women the confidence for that lower body session at the gym. Many factors such as appearance, quality, usability and price affect our choice of gym wear and we want to compare the most popular Scrunch Bum Leggings to find the best range for you!

Kmart vs Rebel Sport scrunch bum leggings

Both limited in range, Kmart and Rebel Sports together provide only a handful of options in the Scrunch Bum Leggings category. Kmart features a pair of high-waisted full length leggings and bike shorts with simple and limited colour choices however, they are offering quality features at an affordable price point. The small range boasts Four-Way Stretch, Moisture Wicking Fabric, and Squat Proof usability which is a necessity for the unique design of Scrunch Bum Leggings. In appearance, this range provides moderate glute-enhancement and body contouring for those looking for a cheaper alternative. Fit 3/5 Appearance 3/5 Quality 4/5 Useability 5/5 Price 5/5 Rebel Sport has a couple pairs of Scrunch Bum Leggings that again, have simple and limited colour choices at a higher price point than Kmart. The range mentions Quick Drying, Moisture Wicking Fabric however, no indication for the level of performance they are suitable for or the degree of stretch for those most-important squats. Fit 2/5 Appearance 2/5 Quality 3/5 Useability 1/5 Price 2/5

Cotton On vs Myers scrunch bum leggings

Cotton On’s range is again, limited in style and colour however, does provide simple high-waisted full-length Scrunch Bum Leggings and shorts. Another cheaper alternative, Cotton On, is offering Moisture Wicking Fabric however, similarly to Rebel Sport there is no indication for level of performance or degree of stretch. In appearance, the material used gives minor glute enhancement and very little body contouring which can reduce confidence with this range. Fit 3/5 Appearance 1/5 Quality 2/5 Useability 1/5 Price 5/5 Myer on the other hand features another limited range however, a more extensive fitting range of high-waisted full-length, ¾ length and shorts. Although there are limited colours and styles to choose from, Myer are offering Four Way Stretch, Moisture Wicking and lightweight Fabric that does provide fairly moderate glute-enhancement and body contouring. An extra feature on their Scrunch Bum Leggings range is a concealed waistband pocket. However, Myer claims this range is only suitable for light training sessions such as walking, yoga, and/or decreasing usability. Fit 5/5 Appearance 4/5 Quality 4/5 Useability 2/5 Price 2/5

Ryderwear scrunch bum leggings vs Gymshark scrunch bum leggings

Leaning into the online activewear retail space, Ryderwear has an extensive range of Scrunch Bum Leggings in full length, ¾ length and shorts in multiple colours, styles and patterns. At a much higher price point, Ryderwear are offering Squat Proof Four Way Stretch Fabric with Spandex finally being introduced increasing stretch and quality. Glute-enhancement on the other hand, seems to be inconsistent across the range with only a few options for maximizing body contouring. Fit 5/5 Appearance 3/5 Quality 4/5 Useability 5/5 Price 3/5 Gymshark features the most expensive Scrunch Bum Leggings range. There are multiple colour options available with simple designs and patterns seeking a more modern approach to activewear. Gymshark offers Sweat Wicking, Seamless Stretch Fabric at all lengths; full, ¾ and short. This range does claim Squat Proof usability however, at this price point we would expect a high level of glute-enhancement and body contouring which we are not seeing.

Fit 5/5 Appearance 3/5 Quality 4/5 Useability 5/5 Price 1/5

Echt scrunch bum leggings vs Avvini scrunch bum leggings

Echt features a large range of high-waisted full-length and short Scrunch Bum Leggings at a little bit cheaper than the Gymshark range. There are multiple colour options with styles ranging from simple, more modest to some eye-catching designs. Echt is offering Sweat Wicking fabric as well as a range of Lycra options for a higher quality fabric with more stretch. Again, this range is inconsistent in glute-enhancement with some providing great body contouring and some not so much reducing the range of options to choose from. Suitable for high movement activities, this range is slightly more affordable than previously mentioned brands. Fit 4/5 Appearance 3/5 Quality 5/5 Useability 5/5 Price 3/5 Avvini features a defined range of Scrunch Bum Leggings and Shorts in multiple colours, styles and patterns. Knitted with advanced seamless technology we see Spandex again included in the fabric paired with Four Way Stretch material for extreme flexibility, as well as Moisture Wicking Quick Dry technology. Made for high performance, Avvini’s range is consistently glute-enhancing with a high compressive ribbed waistband for optimum body contouring. At a slightly higher price point, Avvini ticks all the boxes proving it is worth spending that little bit extra for performance, style, comfort and quality.


Fit 5/5 Appearance 5/5 Quality 5/5 Useability 5/5 Price 5/5