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How Long Should Your Workout Last?

How Long Should Your Workout Last?

A common question that arises around the topic of fitness and the gym is, “How long should I be working out for?” The answer to this question isn’t as simple as you may think. A lot of things need to be considered when answering this question such as; your fitness goals and whether you want to build strength, lose weight or keep fit, as well as your current health status and level of fitness. To maintain a healthy lifestyle and lose weight (if that is your goal) then a mixture of various cardiovascular workouts and resistance training is required. 

Exercising for Weight Loss

If shedding a couple kilos is a goal for you, it is recommended that you should exercise for 150-250 minutes per week through a variety of exercises. This suggests exercising for 40 minutes every day. This however, may not be possible for those who are working full time or are busy parents and find it difficult to find time to exercise. In those instances, it is suggested to start off with 10 minute time slots of short workouts throughout the day to meet the 40 minute requirement for weight loss. It’s important to note that diet plays a huge part in your fitness goals, exercising for 40 minutes everyday will not improve your fitness levels or health if you’re choosing to eat take out or junk food everyday. A cleaner, healthier diet paired with consistent exercise is the way for a healthy weight loss journey. 

Exercising to Build Strength 

If growing muscle size and increasing in strength is your goal, then regular resistance training is the way to go. It is recommended that adults should be getting at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity activity each week, or 75 minutes of high intensity training. Regular strength training is important as muscle mass decreases with age, preferably 2 - 3 times a week. Strength training builds stronger muscles and bones to support your joints and prevents injuries and fractures. It’s also just as important to incorporate enough cardiovascular activity into your workout regime to maintain or improve your current aerobic fitness levels. It’s best to switch up your workout routines from strength training to cardio, it can help keep you motivated and prevent being bored of performing the same routines day in and out. Always be sure that you are including rest days into your weekly routine, these help your body to recover and avoid injury.

Exercising to Stay Fit

Exercising to remain fit and healthy involves a balanced combination of cardiovascular activity and resistance training. If you want to incorporate more physical activity into your lifestyle, it is important to prevent being sedentary whenever possible in your everyday life. Little things such as getting up and going for a short walk, using the stairs instead of elevators and even gentle stretches every now and then can help offset the risks associated with sitting for too long. 

At the end of the day there is no exact length of time that you should be exercising for, it comes down to how far you can push your limits without exerting yourself and taking rest days to allow your body to recover. If you’re a beginner, start out slow and ease your way into your workout activity of choice. It’s all about finding what suits your lifestyle best and what you enjoy the most. Whatever your training goals are, here are a few of our favourite gym fits to get you through your fitness journey no matter how long or short it may be. 


A gym set like no other. Using the same flattering and comfortable materials as some of our other iconic collections, our new Legacy leggings and sports bra come in a camo design that compliments and supports you during your workout.  Put together with a multiple strap designed sports bra and leggings with a supportive waistband and popular scrunched bum seam feature, you can work out feeling good knowing you look good too. What’s Your Legacy?

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A must-have gym staple. This sports bra supports you in every move you make no matter where you are. With a double strap feature at the front and open back design, you’ll be rocking a unique look that provides you for extra ventilation during the sweatiest of workouts. Available in white and black colourways, you can pair this sports bra with any pair of shorts or leggings with the colour and pattern you desire. 


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Built with a honeycomb design and scrunch bum seam, these leggings were aimed to support your incredible body and accentuate all of your best features. Featuring a high-waist compression band and high quality, four-way stretch material, you can workout stress free in these squat proof leggings. 


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