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Fitness and Activewear Myths

Fitness and Activewear Myths

There are huge amounts of information on the internet on the topic of fitness and activewear, some of which can be questionable as to whether they are true or false. With so many sources of information available online, it’s hard to sort through and decipher which are facts and which are fiction. At Avvini Athletica we always aim to help our customers make informed decisions on the clothes they choose to wear during their workout sessions, and the training routines they are following in the gym to achieve their fitness goals with confidence and in style. 


Myth 1. Lifting heavy weights makes you bulky 

Lifting weights have usually been associated with body builders, professional athletes and strongmen. It is very common for women to believe this myth and results in many of us staying away from the weights room and machines. It’s important to realise that this is a myth, strength training is vital to any fitness regime and will not result in unwanted muscle growth or bulkiness. Don’t stray from the weights and deny yourself the benefits of gaining strength from resistance training from fears of becoming too bulky. Instead embrace it and be rewarded with increases in muscular and joint strength, better posture, a faster metabolism and more energy. 

Myth 2. You must have an intense workout for it to be effective

Not every gym session you have needs to be high in intensity, leaving you struggling to walk the following day. Moving between varying intensities and exercises is much better for your body and fitness levels. If you are training with high intensity every session there is a chance you could overtrain and tire your muscles out, affecting your recovery process. You should limit your high intensity workouts to 2 - 3 times a week, this allows for your body to recover itself and take a break on those days you aren’t training as hard. You could consider going for walks or stretching on your rest days, to remain active without having to exert yourself in the gym. 

Myth 3. Training more leads to better results

It is believed that training everyday leads to better results, this is false. As stated in Myth 2, having rest days is extremely beneficial for your gym growth and development. It is not commonly known that working out breaks down muscle fibres so that they can rebuild stronger. To increase your strength you need time to recover your muscles by scheduling 1 - 2 recovery days a week. This way you’ll be fully recovered and prepared to go to the gym the next day and perform at your peak, closing in on your fitness goals. 


Myth 1. Activewear should only be worn for workouts. 

Activewear is not strictly to be worn in the gym. You should be able to rock your gym leggings and crops in style outside of the gym too. They’re comfortable for those days when you’re busy running errands and doing housework, perfect for everyday wear that look good and feel good. Check out our range of leggings for you to style, whether it be in the gym or during your everyday activities. Providing you with extreme comfort, there’s a style and colour for any occasion!

Myth 2. Leggings are unflattering and see through

Depending on the leggings you buy, this myth is partially true. If you purchase a pair of leggings too small or large for you, there is a high possibility that they will not be flattering. Always check, double check or even triple check the sizing guide to guarantee you’re buying the right size to fit you perfectly. You also want to make sure you’re buying good quality leggings that aren’t sheer when worn. This is extremely important when performing squats, you don’t want to realise your leggings are sheer mid squat when it’s too late! To ensure that your leggings are durable for your workout, make sure that you’re purchasing from a reliable brand that specialises in gym wear, that way you know for sure that the leggings will be reliable and provide you with a stress free workout. If you want to flatter your assets even more, you could purchase a pair of scrunch bum leggings. Designed with a gathered seam down the centre of the leggings, your booty will be lifted and looking peachy from every angle. Avvini Athletica stock a wide range of high quality scrunch bum leggings that are fully squat proof and give you the protection and support you need throughout your gym session, complimenting your figure whilst doing so. 

Myth 3. You Should Only Stick to Wearing Neutral Colours

Colorful activewear with patterns should not be feared, they’re bold, powerful and bring confidence to those who are brave enough to wear them. Not only do bold colours and patterns boost confidence, they can enhance your best features as well. Honeycomb patterned, scrunch bum leggings have the rep of flattering and lifting your behind when worn and also have the ability to disguise any minor bumps or lumps you may want to cover. Colours also have the effect of energising and liberating your workout. Wearing the same old black and white outfit to the gym is boring, turn heads and bring life to your gym session by sporting some bright pinks or blues. Check out our collection of colourful scrunch bum leggings and sports bras, inspire others by showing them your level of confidence and style in a loud gym fit.

Now that we’ve debunked these myths for you, it’s time you headed to your nearest gym and smashed your workout! Shop Avvini Athletica’s current sale before it ends and grab your newest gym fit, spend over $120 for free express shipping!