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Getting Back Into The Gym

If it was hard for you to find motivation to go to the gym before the pandemic, it’s certainly harder for you to find any motivation now. The constant lockdowns and closures of gyms have made it difficult to maintain a solid gym routine. Now that we are slowly coming out of lockdown again we can carry on with our regular gym routines, or start new ones for those who are looking to kickstart their fitness journey. Like some of us at Avvini Athletica, you might need a bit of motivation and help to ease yourselves back into the gym, especially if you didn’t delve into home workouts as much as you would’ve liked. To help you prep for your next gym visit out of lockdown, we’ve put together a list that can help you ease back into the gym in no time. 


Organising your gym outfit for when you return to the gym is a great way to hold yourself accountable for visiting the gym. Having your leggings, top and sports bra prepared and organised to get back into your regular gym routine will motivate you to follow through and give you even more reason to get back into the gym. There’s nothing more exciting than having a new gym fit to wear to the gym, you can check out our range of scrunch bum leggings and shorts, sports bras and tops to wear during your next gym session. When it comes to the physical side, you might want to perform some body weight exercises at home or go for a run to ease your way back into physical activity. 


An important aspect of remaining fit and healthy is maintaining a decent night's sleep and a healthy diet. During lockdown these two things are affected the most, we have no reason to get up early in the morning anymore, going to bed and waking up out of routine, and have nothing else to do than snack on whatever we have in the house. Getting your sleeping schedule and diet back on track is a necessity for any workout routine. Poor sleeping and eating habits can make you feel sluggish and lazy and can therefore affect how you perform during your workouts. You want to make the most out of returning to gyms, getting back into your regular sleep and eating routines is the first step for you to take to smash your first few sessions.


Now that you’re back in the gym, be sure to take it easy and start light with your weights and low with your reps. Jumping straight back into where you left off could increase your risk of injury after not performing any of your regular exercises during lockdown. It’s better to start off lighter than starting off too heavy and injuring yourself just as we can get back into gyms. It may also help taking longer breaks in between sets, to prevent any burn out or muscle fatigue during the early days. You might be surprised as to how tired you may feel going the same pace you used to before lockdown. 


Like most things, the more you enjoy it, the more you’ll want to do it. It goes without saying that you’ll want to be performing the exercises you enjoy the most. Start off with your favourite strength training exercise or fitness class to get you back into the swing of your fitness journey. Try to have a bit more fun when you next workout, set some goals, listen to your favourite podcast or music, these are small steps you can take to enjoying yourself in the gym again. 


Ease yourself back into the gym the right way, lighten the load you lift and begin with a lower intensity. Take steps to keep you motivated to workout by making a gym playlist that pumps you up or purchasing a new gym fit for you to wear during your first visit back. Avvini Athletica have a range of leggings and sports crops you can rock during your next gym session, here are a few of our favourites.


These leopard print statement leggings are a great pair to refresh your gym wardrobe. Featuring a scrunch bum seam and pockets on either side, these leggings are both flattering and functional. 


Girl posing hand on hip looking over shoulder wearing luxe scrunch bum leggings in leopard print and white classic crop top



Designed with a honeycomb texture and scrunch bum feature, these leggings and shorts both flatter and enhance your gorgeous figure. The shorts are accompanied with tie up straps on either side for the wearer to achieve a customisable look if desired, whether you prefer the mini short or classic look. 


Girl posing wearing luna scrunch bum shorts in blue and white classic crop top, back
Close up of girl holding plank wearing luna seamless scrunch bum leggings in black



Another animal printed piece for you to sport in the gym is our Luxe Snake Print Crop Top. Featuring a racer back and keyhole cut out design, this crop top will provide you with extra ventilation during even the sweatiest of workouts. Paired with the matching leggings, you’ll be smashing your first gym session back in style.


Close up girl wearing luxe snake print leggings and sports bra


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