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Your Ideal Workout, Based on Your Star Sign

Your Ideal Workout, Based on Your Star Sign

Your Star Sign is determined by the day and time you were born and is believed by some to affect your personality and emotions. Your star sign can tell you about your self-esteem, self-image, confidence, identity and even influence your life path. Does that mean that the way you workout and your gym persona is also pre-determined by your date of birth? Astrology is used for understanding yourself and others and is a language of symbols that offer detailed explanations of someone’s personality, likes, dislikes, natural talents and so on. It can also reveal our health and exercise preferences, so we’ve put together some information on the physical body and health recommendations for you to stay healthy based on your star sign. 


You are enthusiastic and maintain high levels of energy. You always work hard and play even harder to be number one. You remain dedicated to your gym schedule and physical efforts, never straying from your workout routine. Strenuous activities calm you, so you feel satisfied and good after a workout. Vigorous sports such as martial arts, football, basketball and weight lifting are what you thrive in. 


You are aware of all of your senses when exploring the world, but you are also a creature of comfort and can become a couch potato as a result. As a Taurus you need a bit more push to get into the gym, but once you are there’s no stopping you. For this reason your most suited form of exercises in the long run are weight lifting, running, cycling and triathlons, you can always adapt those to suit you and your evolving progresses. 

GEMINI (MAY 21 - JUNE 20) 

As a Gemini you’re a social butterfly, you always have time for a chat and love to be around people. You can make friends anywhere whether that be in the weight room or your group fitness class, exercising is part of your social calendar. You are easily distracted and tend to switch up your fitness routines often. This is why a group fitness class is best suited for you to keep you entertained yet focussed. 


You are in touch with your sense and emotions as a Cancer and love a mind-body connection to balance all of your emotions. You have a very sensual nature and therefore stick to exercise routines that make you feel good. Yoga is a great form of exercise to pick up for a Cancer, giving you the mind-body connection you love and a full-body workout. Other exercises that involve being in water are also enjoyable for Cancers such as swimming or water aerobics. 


You know you need to keep a healthy heart and a body that is in top shape as a Leo. You love to visit the gym on a regular basis and love to have fun and socialise in whichever activity you are involved in. Any activity that feels like play instead of work will keep you motivated and healthy, especially when music is involved. 


You prefer structure and exactitude in your lifestyle, planning all of your schedules in advance to remain busy and productive. You are a perfectionist and always strive to nail each workout with precision. You prefer a systematic workout to give you the results you want to see and help you feel good, pilates and weight lifting are the exercises for you. 


As a Libra you are intelligent and constantly yearn for a balanced and healthy body. You like to have fun and enjoy being social, thriving in group classes and any activity done with a partner. You tend to get caught up when you’re working out from having too much fun, and it’s important to you to plan your workout in advance. Tennis, dancing, pilates or yoga are the activities you thrive in. 


You’re intense and driven, you love to feel the burn. Scorpio’s are committed and competitive by nature, nothing comes between you and your workout. You go all out with unwavering determination and commitment to succeed in all things, channeling any pent-up frustrations into healthy, stress-relieving activities. Boxing, weight lifting and long distance running are the best activities for you to unwind alone.


You’re optimistic, intelligent and love the outdoors. You constantly challenge yourself and love to explore the world. You have boundless amounts of energy and strength in your body and are always on the move, nothing can stop you from reaching your goals. Jogging outdoors is where you find your happiness, any activity outdoors is where you thrive. 


You want to look and feel your best to maintain a positive self-image throughout any activity you do as you’re very self-critical and hard on yourself. You want to see the task ahead of you and be satisfied once you've completed it, always seeking new achievements. Each task you complete or problem you overcome builds your physical strength and self confidence. Weight training programs and hikes are the right activities for you to achieve what you desire. 


As an Aquarius you’re a creative innovator, an outlier some might say. You hate the same repetitive routines and constantly seek change. You’re always keen to try something new and different, never afraid of diving head first into new waters. You strive to build strength and define your individuality whether it be alone or as part of a team. No matter what the activity is you’re always down to give something new a go, especially if that means achieving your goals. 


You do everything with purpose, you don’t exercise for the sake of exercising. You workout when there are other benefits involved such as music, or good-looking workout clothes that make you feel good. Your mind is constantly on the go so you need exercises that calm you, increase your self awareness and keep you centered. 

How accurate are our horoscope personalities? Do they match up with your gym persona? No matter what workout your gym persona demands, Avvini Athletica has a gym fit for you. Check out our range of scrunch bum leggings and shorts, sports bras and crop tops.