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Why seamless scrunch bum leggings are a popular buy with Avvini Athletica Fans

Why seamless scrunch bum leggings are a popular buy with Avvini Athletica Fans

If you are into your fitness, you would be well aware that often your gym outfit can impact the way you work out. If your outfit is comfortable, moisture wicking and makes you look and feel fantastic during a gym session, you might stay longer or have a better workout than with an outfit that is ill-fitting or doesn’t really make you feel good.

The fitness world has gone crazy over a particular style of leggings that not only looks incredible on every figure, but it is also designed to provide a more enjoyable workout, thanks to the seamless style and super comfortable design.

Scrunch bum leggings might have been on the market for a while, however they are certainly still a must-have in the fitness world for women who want to reach their fitness goals and look the part during their workout. 

Why are seamless leggings so popular around the world?

Gone are the days of uncomfortable seams and leggings that cut into your skin in all the wrong places. Muffin top and unsightly seams are a thing of the past thanks to seamless scrunch bum leggings. 

This revolutionary pair of leggings and its seamless style, help to enhance the look and lines of the body. Made in a range of breathable materials, a quality seamless scrunch bum design is worth their weight in gold thanks to the gorgeous and functional style. 

How is the seamless legging made?

The big difference when it comes to seamless scrunch bum leggings is the way the material is made. The fabric is knitted together before it is stitched, whereby incorporating fewer seams in the process.

Crafted in a circular fashion, the legging is free from seams, making it a super enjoyable fit that doesn’t cut into your bum, legs or thighs. The design allows for greater movement for the wearer and also provides a uniquely versatile option for those wanting a legging they can wear to the gym, shopping or simply relaxing. 

Why our customers love Avvini seamless leggings

Avvini’s seamless scrunch bum leggings are a style that Avvini Athletica customers love.

Features of the leggings that make the design uniquely comfortable include: 

  • Created using a combination of 87% nylon and 13% spandex
  • Styled to create a look that is flattering and feels like a second skin
  • High waisted, to avoid the leggings rolling down
  • Full support during workouts including squats
  • Compressed waistband for additional support
  • Quick drying fabric that wicks sweat and avoids unsightly sweat marks

 If you are looking for a stylish and comfortable pair of leggings, the seamless scrunch bum leggings from Avvini Athletica are a great choice for those who love to support an Australian fitness brand that creates gorgeous fitness garments that will stand the test of time. 

Check out Avvini Athletica’s range leggings

With a wide range of styles to choose from, Avvini Athletica’s leggings range includes Intrigue, Power, Fuerza, Ajuste, Luna and Invictus. No matter what style you’re into, there a design and colour to suit everyone in the Avvini Athletica range.

To find out more about the Avvini range of leggings, check out the website today or sign up to be a member to gain access to promotions, deals and special offers.