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Meet Avvini Athletica Athlete: Kelli Ann Blanchfield

“What’s the point of being alive if you don’t at least try and do something remarkable?” 

Remarkable… a word which defines our Avvini Athletica Ambassador, Kelli Ann Blanchfield perfectly. Queensland, mother of two and devoted wife, 45-year-old Kelli, is a dedicated bodybuilder with a burning desire to live life to the fullest every single day.

What makes Kelli so inspiring is her ability to overcome life’s hardships by using exercise as an outlet to transform her mindset and realign herself on a path to greatness.

“My fitness journey started when I was 34 years old and decided to step up and battle depression and the weight I had gained head on. As mothers working full time, we sometimes lose parts of ourselves as we put others first in our lives. I woke up one day and looked in the mirror and decided enough was enough I didn’t want to look and feel like this anymore and I joined my husband’s gym the next day and started training with him.  I rediscovered myself on my journey and built an amazing strength inside & out that I had never processed before.” 

With consistent strength training and incorporating a healthy diet, Kelli eventually began to feel in control of herself again. After regaining her confidence, Kelli decided to take her fitness goals to the next level.

“I realised anything was possible if you wanted it bad enough and worked hard enough for it. The year I was turning 40 I decided to set the biggest, scariest goal ever for me and that was to compete in a bodybuilding comp.  On the day of my 40th birthday I stood on stage in my 3rd comp for that year and won 3rd place for my division in Queensland. I haven’t stopped competing since because I found something that I loved to do and was passionate about doing.”

After discovering her passion in bodybuilding, within the last 5 years, Kelli has entered 13 fitness competitions, with some impressing wins under her belt.  

“I’ve competed as a Fitness Model, achieving top 5 status in Australia and 1st place in Queensland for 40+ category. I then stepped up a notch to compete as a Figure competitor in NABBA/WFF – I won my categories and also won the Miss Southern Hemisphere Overall Champion Title 2 years in a row, as well as a 3rd Place at the WFF Miss Universe World Titles in Singapore.”

With such a busy life, working full time and a strong commitment to her training regime, Kelli always manages to make time for family, even incorporating gym sessions into family time. 

“My daughters are now adults and have very busy lives themselves.  They both train at the gym too which is nice – at times we are all there training together – my husband and our two daughters, it’s a great way to spend time together.” 

Whilst balancing family life, fitness and work, we can’t help but wonder how does she do it!? We asked Kelli what’s her key to success?

“Set a goal, visualise it daily, write down the steps you need to do every day to achieve that goal, plan plan, plan and become slightly obsessed – do your research so you know everything there is to know about your goal and what it takes to achieve it.  Get a good coach – being accountable to someone and to a program and nutrition plan/set macros will keep you motivated and on track.”

No matter what life throws at her, Kelli has remained focused and driven, accomplishing some major achievements within her life.  So, what’s Kelli’s life motto?

If not me, who? If not now, When?  Seriously how do you know what you can achieve if you don’t even try.  “What’s the point of being alive if you don’t at least try and do something remarkable?”  I am so grateful that I was able to pull myself out of the darkness I was existing in to really start living. We only have one life and we should be living it to its fullest.”

As an Avvini Athletica ambassador, Kelli is a true reflection of the brand, empowering women to live up to their full potential.  We asked Kelli what motivated her to collaborate with Avvini.

“Women empowering other women is really important to me and that’s what Avvini stand for.  When we look good when we head off the gym, we feel good and train well.  We are all different shapes and sizes so having the different Avvini styles means you can find what suits you the best.  I love that I inspire and motivate other women by being part of the Avvini family – I know that without that type of motivation from other women along my journey I wouldn’t be where I am now – happy and confident wearing my Avvini gym clothes to train in and living my best life. I love supporting Australian run businesses as well – Avvini really appealed to me and I love my name being associated with them. Proud to be part of the Avvini team.