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How to Warm Up Before Working Out

How to Warm Up Before Working Out

How to warm up before working out

Warming up and cooling down after any form of exercise is so important for preventing injuries, it also allows you to unlock mobility, improve body control, increase your range of motion and ignite more powerful muscle contractions. Spending 10-15 minutes warming up before you begin your workout will help you achieve an optimal workout, whilst preventing any injuries from occurring. It helps to think of your warmup as preparation for your movement. You’ll prepare your body for the movements you have planned ahead and will get your body into an optimal physical state.

We have some steps you can follow to ensure that you can start your workout physically and mentally prepared so you can smash your workout and avoid potential injury. 


Light cardio and aerobic work increases your heart rate and raises core temperature. Warm muscles are less injury prone and can withstand more pressures. You can begin your workout with a 5-10 incline walk on the treadmill, elliptical, bike, rower or stepper, whichever you prefer. If you walk or cycle to the gym and already feel your heart rate increase when you arrive, feel free to skip this step. 


This step is really beneficial if you have tight muscles and struggle with mobility. Foam rolling and stretches are an effective way of reducing muscle tension and releases soft tissue and immediately improves your range of motion. 

Target the muscles that will be used in your session, paying more attention to those that are the tightest. Foam rolls these areas before stretching each one for 20-30 seconds. Keep the stretches simple and short. Doing deep, extended stretches before lifting or working out is not recommended and should be saved for your cool down or another time of the day. Be sure to go slow when stretching and rolling, and hold static pressure on those areas that are extremely tender. 


Static stretching, discussed in Step 2, is when you hold a stretch in a set position for a set amount of time. When done for less than 30 seconds there is no negative impact on your performance, but no improvement either.  Dynamic stretching on the other hand does improve performance and gives you greater power output. These are movement based types of stretching and use the muscles themselves to bring about a stretch. It does a great job to unlock mobility as it reduces tension in the surrounding soft tissues of the main target muscle. 

Pick 3-5 movements to perform that focus on the muscle groups and joints you will use in the workout ahead and perform 10 reps each. 


Targeting the muscles you are going to use during your workout and activating them before performing the actual exercise is vital for warming up key stabilizing muscles. The activation drills should match up with the workout or lift you have that day and should target the key stabilisers and/or prime movers. 

If you are lifting weights, performing body weight movements of the exercise you will perform is a great way to activate the muscle. Maintain the mind to muscle connection and feel your muscles start to warm up through each motion. You can even add a bit of weight if body weight movements are enough for activating your muscles. 

Whilst the warm up is one of the most important parts of your workout, the cool down holds just as much importance. The cool down is where you deepen the stretches you may have performed in your warm-up. Take your time really holding your stretch and allowing your muscles that may have tightened during your workout to release. It’s worth fitting a cool down into your fitness regime, as it prevents cramping or stiffness and reduces the soreness felt after working out. Finishing with a stretching routine relaxes the nervous system, promotes mobility and flexibility and can even improve your next workout. 


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