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Pairing Mindfulness with Exercise

Pairing Mindfulness with Exercise

Pairing Mindfulness with Exercise

Every once in a while we tend to feel stressed, or fatigued from living our everyday lives. It’s hard not to stay in bed and binge watch our favourite TV shows with an abundance of snacks at hand after a stressful day. When instances like this occur it is more important than ever to adhere to a healthy routine whether that be physically or mentally, in most cases the two come hand in hand. When we are feeling down or stressed we are least likely to feel motivated to go to the gym or for a run, but it’s during these times where working out can benefit us the most. 

This is why it is so important to incorporate mindfulness within our exercise routines. With a number of proven health benefits that practicing mindfulness can bring to our lives, it is no surprise that combining mindfulness with other health practices can better our overall well being. When practicing mindfulness whilst exercising, you stay committed to your workout and in return feel the sense of satisfaction you receive after successfully smashing a workout. Here are a few ways to incorporate mindfulness within your workouts to benefit your body and mind:

Prepare your mind before your body

We often find ourselves working out around our schedules, and in a rush to get our daily workout over and done with. Before heading to the gym or to the running track, take a moment to think about the workout ahead of you. Clear your mind of thoughts from earlier in the day and allow yourself to give thought to the workout ahead and nothing else. Allow yourself to be in the present moment and give yourself this time you deserve to be dedicating to your physical and mental well being. This can help you improve the quality of your training session as well as your technique and form. 

Ease into your training

Once you’re ready to workout, don’t just jump straight into it. Working out isn't something you rush to finish just to finish it. Give yourself time and think about what you are doing, focus on your movements and your muscles as you move. You will not only feel a stronger connection between your mind and muscles, you’ll also gradually improve the quality of your movements over time. Take your time and appreciate how your exercising benefits your mind and body.

If you’re weight training, in the gym a great way to be mindful about your movements is slowing your reps. Take your time and control your breathing when you lift or squat with weights, not only will this improve your resistance training results but also bring mindfulness to your lifts as well. 

Remember why you’re exercising

If you find yourself rushing through each exercise with other thoughts in mind, stop and give yourself a moment to think. Remember why you are working out, why it’s important to you, the benefits you’ll receive after completing a solid workout. You deserve to give yourself this time to exercise, because once you’ve finished you’ll feel the benefits almost instantly. 

Bring attention to your breathing

Breathing is one of the simplest ways to relieve stress. If your mind starts to wonder during your workout, focus on how you are breathing, the inhalation and exhalation through your nose and mouth. Be in the present and focus on only your exercise, put every other thought on pause and allow yourself to exercise freely without any other thoughts and enjoy the moment. 

Embrace yourself in the outdoors

Take advantage of the days where the weather is warm and sunny. Just being outdoors alone benefits our mental health so why not embrace the fresh air and soak up the sun during a walk or hike. This is an effective way to clear your mind any time or day or the week. A walk around the block or to the grocery store can do your mind and body wonders. 

Overall, we want to set ourselves up to the strongest and healthiest versions we can be. Exercising is beyond just weight and looks. We are physically and mentally rewarded when we choose to give ourselves time to step away from our stresses and focus on our wellbeing. 

Our mind and body deserves to be nourished during times of stress whether that be through yoga, a spin class, or lifting weights. We also deserve to do so in clothing that will allow us to perform to the best of our abilities and see the results and mindfulness we wish to achieve from a workout with as little stress as possible. There is nothing worse than getting through half of your workout and realising your leggings aren’t squat proof, or your crop top isn’t sweat proof. 

Check out our range of leggings and sports crops Avvini Athletica have stocked that will provide you with workouts stress free from sweat patches or see-through leggings, allowing you to focus on yourself and workout peacefully. We’ve listed a few of our favourites below:



These scrunch bum leggings are not only squat and sweat proof, but also feature a scrunch bum design to emphasise your booty and two ergonomic side pockets that can fit a standard smartphone with ease so you can keep your phone on you no matter what you’re doing. 


Luxe Scrunch Bum Pocket Leggings


Designed with a mesh paneled racer back, this crop provides you with breathability and maximum support during your workout. The keyhole cut out also provides you with extra ventilation, ensuring you can workout in comfort whilst you push your limit. 

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With the same sweat wicking and quick dry technology as our other leggings, these scrunch bum shorts also provide you with a compressive high waistband that supports you through any activity. Featuring tie up straps on either side, these shorts can be adjusted to your customisable fit whether you like to wear your shorts mini or classic style. 


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