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The Importance of Mobility

The Importance of Mobility

Mobility is one of the most overlooked yet most important aspects of fitness. Effective mobility builds the foundation for excellent technique, reducing risks of injury and improving recovery abilities. Whether you’re just beginning your fitness journey or have been training for years, mobility is highly important for everyone. Not many people think about what it really means, but mobility is a very important component of your health that affects not only your overall fitness, but your body’s longevity. 

There is a fundamental difference between flexibility and mobility, but the two are often confused. Before getting any deeper into the subject of mobility, it is best we define and explain the difference between the two. Mobility is the ability to control active movement through a full range of a joint and motion - such as squat depth. Flexibility is the ability of a body part to be moved passively through a range of movement. 


A safe range of movement is key to reducing frequent injury, especially in sports that require lots of dynamic movement. Because mobility involves not only muscles, but also additional structures of the body such as joints as well as sufficient strength and motor control. Without good mobility you muscles will be tight, but you can also have imbalances in the body and be more injury prone. 

Having good mobility improves positioning and performances within your training, if you’re able to achieve the proper techniques and perform them effectively you will see improvements in your performance and higher resistance to injury. To improve your mobility, try incorporating dynamic exercises into your workout routine before you begin. These include drills that strengthen all of the stabilising muscles around a joint. Mobility should be important to anyone whether their training goal is to look good, feel good or generally improve quality of life and here are the two main reason why:


Our joints were created to move through full ranges of motion, this could include reaching our arms straight over our heads or lowering into a deep squat. But life can get in the way sometimes and seriously impact our mobility in negative ways. For example, sitting on a chair, hunched over a computer can lead to reduced mobility in your hips and shoulders. If this is something you do often, such as during your full time job, your mobility can diminish over time and reduce the capacity to perform the simple movements our bodies are meant to do.

Other factors such as arthritis, aging or prior injuries can also lead to reduced mobility and decreased quality of life. Diminishing mobility is avoidable thankfully, as long as you’re willing to work on it.


With the example of lowering into a deep squat in mind, without the ability to perform the squats full range of motion all the way down, you are only getting a fraction of the benefits of the exercise. When you squat with a full range of motion, you can fully engage your quads, hamstrings, hip and glutes to get the best results out of your training session. This is where mobility exercises and stretches are extremely beneficial, especially if you have fitness goals you want to achieve. 

Another way poor mobility can negatively impact your training and progress is the transferability of skill development. Proper movement needs to remain consistent across various movements and exercises. When you’ve begun an exercise with the wrong form, that form can be transferred over to other similar exercises you may perform and further increase chances of injuring yourself.

Essentially, mobility allows you to place your body in the safest, most advantageous position for utilizing your strength. You will be stronger and safer lifting weight through a range of motion if your joints are able to comfortably reach a given position. Making sure your muscles are pulling evenly on the bones and joints is key to preserving joint function and preventing injury. Stretching, foam rolling, and mobility drills help achieve this. Dedicating 5-10 minutes at the beginning of your session to mobility training is all it takes to reap the benefits that mobility training provides.

Now that you know the importance of mobility in relation to training and everyday life, it's time to get a fit together for your next mobility and strength training session to stay fit and mobile! Here are some of our favourites:


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