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How Exercising Benefits Your Mental Health

How Exercising Benefits Your Mental Health

When you’re feeling stressed or low you probably feel like lying in bed, watching Netflix, YouTube or TikTok. We totally get it. But it’s during times like these that we should get our bodies moving more than ever, even if it’s the last thing you want to do. We all know exercise is good for our physical health, but it also improves our mental wellbeing too! Staying active can improve your sleep, give you more energy and help manage stress. All you need to do is get your body moving, you don’t have to run on a treadmill. Activities like walking, playing sports, yoga, dancing or swimming will all help you release stress and give you a better chance of improving your mood. People who exercise regularly feel more energetic throughout the day, sleep better at night, have sharper memories, and overall feel more relaxed and positive about themselves and their everyday lives. People have also reaped the mental health benefits of exercising such as positive impacts on depression, anxiety, and ADHD. It also relieves stress, improves memory, helps you sleep better, and boosts your overall mood. 

Here are some of the reasons why physical activity is just as good for your mental wellbeing as it is for your physical wellbeing:

Exercise decreases stress hormones. Like cortisol, exercise decreases stress hormones. It also increases endorphins, giving you a natural mood and energy boost. 

Physical activity distracts you from negative thoughts and emotions. Physical activity can take your mind off of your problems and can redirect the stress and nervous energy into the activity you are doing and can help fuel your physical performance. 

Sharper memory and thinking. The same endorphins that make you feel happier also help you concentrate and feel mentally sharp for tasks at hand. Exercise also stimulates the growth of new brain cells and helps prevent age-related decline. 

Higher self-esteem. Regular activity and exercise is an investment in your mind, body and soul. When it becomes a habit, it can increase your sense of self-worth and make you feel powerful and strong. You’ll feel better about your appearance and feel a sense of achievement, even for the smallest of goals. 

Better mental health. Improving your overall health and longevity with exercise can save you a great deal of stress in the short run by strengthening your immunity to colds, the flu, and other minor illnesses. You will be healthier in the long run and enjoy life more because of it. 

Cognitive function is improved. Compared to brain training alone, resistance training and other forms of exercise can improve and delay the decline in memory, attention and decision making.

You don’t have to devote hours out of your day to reap the physical and mental health benefits of exercise. Just 30 minutes of activity, five times a week is enough. That can even be broken down into shorter, more frequent exercise sessions, but if you don't have the time for that it’s okay. Even a little bit of activity is better than nothing, the more you exercise the more energy you’ll have and eventually you’ll ease into longer workout sessions. Make exercise a fun part of your everyday life, you don’t have to spend hours in a gym or force yourself into long, monotonous workouts to experience the many benefits of exercise. Finding something you enjoy can help you start to feel better, look better, and get more out of life.

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