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Gym Bag Essentials

Gym Bag Essentials

Having a gym bag that has all the essentials is a necessity for us at Avvini Athletica, there’s nothing worse than rocking up to the gym and finding out you’ve left your headphones at home or forgot to bring a sweat towel. As we are easing back into the gyms after lockdown it's more likely than ever that we’ll forget to pack one or two of our essentials before we head into the gym. We’ve put together a list of our gym essentials you’ll want to make sure are in your gym bag before you head into the gym for your next session. 


  • Water Bottle

Your water bottle is a key essential to have in your gym bag, it’s important to maintain your hydration levels throughout your workout and replenish the liquid lost when you sweat. Cut down on plastic waste and opt for a reusable water bottle. Check out our protein shaker bottles that can double as a water bottle. Lightweight and easy to carry around, you can rely on this bottle to keep you hydrated throughout your session. 


  • Headphones

It goes without saying that headphones are a MUST in the gym. We need them to listen to our motivational playlists during our workout. Without them we have no choice but to listen to what our gyms are playing, which can sometimes be a make or break depending on the music. So be sure that you’ve got a pair or two in your gym bag ready to go, if they're wireless make sure they’re fully charged too! There’s nothing worse than your headphones running out of charge mid gym session.


  • Quick-dry Towel

A towel is another essential for your gym bag. Not only is it required to have a towel in gyms post lockdown, it helps keep you and your equipment dry and comfortable. Try opting for a cotton and microfibre blended towel, they’re lightweight and usually quick to dry. Be sure to have at least one in your bag at all times, or even two for those intense sessions.


  • Equipment 

Bringing some of your own equipment is ideal for the gym, it prevents you from having to use the shared equipment. We recommend bringing your own yoga mat and foam roller for stretching and even your own barbell pad if you plan on lifting some heavy weights. Resistance bands are also a perfect accessory for stretching and adding some intensity to your workouts. Be sure to check out the range of resistance bands we stock. Varying in difficulties, there's a band for everyone!


  • Hand Sanitiser

Although the gym is the place we go to improve our fitness levels and health, it’s also a place where germs and infections can spread easily if you don’t take precautions. It’s more important now than ever to ensure we are maintaining our hygiene and reduce the spread of germs as much as possible. It is best to use hand sanitiser before and after handling each piece of equipment to minimise the risk of spread, whether it be using those provided at the gym or bringing your own. It’s better to be safe than sorry.


  • Activewear 

Nothing is more important than having a comfortable and supportive gym fit to wear during your workout session. Ensure your gym outfit includes a supportive sports bra and comfortable leggings to match that provide you with the flexibility you need to grind through your workout. Check out our range of seamless sports bras and scrunch bum leggings on our website. Designed with moisture wicking, four-stretch technology you’ll be sure to feel supported and comfortable in our activewear throughout any workout. 


  • Protein Supplement

Give your workout an extra boost by bringing a protein source with you to keep you going mid-session and replenish your energy post workout. High protein bars or nuts are convenient, you could also bring a protein shake to sip on during or after your session to help your muscles repair and recover. Our Avvini protein shaker bottles are the perfect size to bring into the gym, holding up to 600ml of your favourite protein with a blender ball to ensure your shake is extra smooth no matter where you are.