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5 Common Activewear Mistakes

5 Common Activewear Mistakes

When it comes to activewear it’s hard to know what and what not to buy, especially if you’re only just starting to workout. It takes a bit of trial and error to know which pieces of clothing suit your activity and give you the support you need. 

We’ve decided to put together a list of our 5 most common active wear mistakes and how you can avoid them.

  • Buying activewear from a non-specialist retailer

It has become quite common for fashion retailers to delve into the activewear and athleisure industry. Their incredibly low prices are almost too good to be true for activewear, and sadly they are. These fashion retailers have a main focus on appearance over performance as a large majority of their demographic aren’t serious athletes. These fashion items may be suitable to those who engage in low impact activity, but unfortunately won’t perform as well as it would if you shopped from a specialist retailer such as Avvini Athletica. At Avvini we strive to develop and perfect gym wear such as our scrunch bum leggings to support your performance, keeping you as comfortable as possible during your workouts whilst looking good doing them. 

  • Not washing your clothes enough 

It’s quite common for people to lounge around, run errands or catch up with friends in their activewear after they’ve worked out, this is a big mistake. If you want to maintain the quality of your gym clothes and keep its freshness, you need to wash your activewear as soon as possible after you’ve finished a sweaty workout. This will prevent sweat rash and body acne from forming, remove the oils and bacterias that affect the fibres, and most importantly prevent a lingering smell from developing. High-tech fabrics may make it feel like it’s okay to stay in your quick drying activewear, but it’s best to shower and change as soon as possible to prevent building up bacteria on your clothes. 

  • Wearing a sports bra with no support

Sports bras are such versatile pieces of clothing that can pretty much be worn anywhere. They’ll keep you comfy and support you in any circumstance whether it be during your afternoon walks, gym sessions, or workout class. Investing in a good quality sports bra that suits your activity is vital, wearing a bra that is the wrong size or lacking in support can cause chest pain, shoulder pain and neck pain. Be sure you’re aware of the features and materials of the next sports bras you buy. We stock a wide range of sports bras at Avvini Athletica that are suitable to any activity whether it be low or high impact. 

  • Not buying according to the activity

Good quality activewear is usually designed for a specific sport or activity to make sure that you’re making the most of your clothes. Each activity differs in demands for activewear features, running leggings tend to demand for compressive fabric that is still easy for the user to move in, whereas yoga pants are designed to be much softer and more seamless to be able to bend and stretch as much as the user. Make sure you consider what you’ll be wearing your activewear for before you buy it, whether that be squat proof leggings for your next gym session or seamless leggings to wear during your pilates class. 

  • Wearing clothes that aren’t your size

Shopping for gym clothes can be overwhelming, especially when it’s your first time. Whilst it may make you feel more comfortable wearing baggier gym clothes, sometimes it can be impractical. These may suit your home workouts, but at the gym baggy clothes can restrict you from completing certain movements or prevent you from lifting heavy weights. Wearing activewear that’s too tight should also be avoided, not only does it limit your range of motion but can cause chest and neck pain, breathing difficulties and other health issues. You want to avoid this by buying activewear that isn’t too loose or too tight that ensures you feel comfortable during your workout session. 

Now that you know what you should and shouldn’t be doing when it comes to buying and maintaining your activewear, take your workout to the next level and push your limit in our Avvini Athletica activewear. With a wide range of leggings and sports bras available to suit any kind of workout, you can be sure to feel supported and comfortable during your next workout session in our activewear.