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Women's Gym Clothing Trends Through The Ages

Women's Gym Clothing Trends Through The Ages

Women's gym clothing has adapted and changed tremendously over the years to develop into what is trending today. Clothing trends can drop off and pick back up anytime, so the renewal of old trends for activewear could be right around the corner. We explored the last 50 years of the biggest trends of activewear to showcase the evolution and for a trip down memory lane. Maybe you'll recognise some of them!


Starting off, the 1970’s was very popular for short shorts and tank tops. These sporty shorts were all the rage during the 70’s for not only women but men too. People would pair them with a plain tank or tee. Super cute fit! But where's the support? The 70’s lacked support in all the areas women needed it. However the 70’s was the start of the fitness fad, therefore the momentum of fitness and workout wear was still on its build up. The 1970’s fashion gets a 6/10 from us. 


couple in 1970s fitness clothing



Leg warmers, sweatbands and bold colours were all the rage in the 80’s! This decade really prioritised fashion over function and we are here for it! The bright, contrasting leotard and leggings is what made the activewear so famous. The 80’s was iconic for their fashion and their boom in the fitness industry. The 80’s exploded with jazzercise and encouraged women to workout and build themselves up in this male dominating industry. The 80’s fitness fashion trends get an 8/10 for creativity.


fitness model in 80s workout clothes



The 1980’s fashion followed into the 1990’s gym clothing trends with a little less pizazz and a little more class. The 90’s ditched the sweatbands and leg warmers and really showcased the leotard over leggings trend. This trend was fun by incorporating patterns and shapes into the fashion but the 80’s and 90’s, very much merged together and so the 90’s lacked a little originality. 6/10.

model wearing leotard and leggings



The 2000’s was full of low rise yoga pants and bell bottoms. Little crops or sports bras to match were also very in trend as well as matching tracksuits (we LOVE a matching set moment) This decade loved the low rise look which has definitely had a revival in 2021.This decade was all about yoga and pilates for exercise so fashion that was easy to move in and hugged the body was popular. 2021 has seen some 2000 inspired fashion recently, could the 2000’s take a full return? Only time will tell. 2000’s fashion will always be iconic that's why we rate this one 8/10.


Greys, blacks and neutral colours were the trend of 2010. Leggings that ended mid calf and still sat quite low rise were very in during 2010. This decade was all about comfort rather than style, the trends were very simple and kept quite minimal. 2010 was all about cardio and high-intensity workouts so darker colours helped hide the potential sweat patches. This decade lacked style and was one of our least favourite fitness fashion trends. Where's the flavour? 4/10

If you're still stuck in 2010, it's time to move on from those mid calf leggings and progress onto the newest trends of 2021. Trust us, you want to!

woman in athleisure wear with 3/4 leggings



2021 has evolved from all the past trends to prioritise support, style, comfort and convenience! Scrunch Bum leggings are the biggest trend in activewear right now!  The cinched booty seam provides flexibility and  the high waist provides support with design elements to flatteringly craft your body and contour your shape. Scrunch bums provide a natural booty lift with carefully knitted advanced seamless technology.

Shop our scrunch bum leggings collection and join the biggest gym wear trend of 2021.


model doing push up with rear view of leggings


Matching Crops and seamless leggings are also a massive  trend of this year! Matching sets provide you with maximum support on your top and bottom half as well as make you look and feel so confident and stylish. Seamless leggings slip right on and are made with extra soft, breathable fabric to feel gentle on the skin and provide flexibility for high performance workouts. Shop our Legacy Collection to snatch up one of our coloured sets before stock sells out!


four girls posing in camouflage activewear set

Fitness fashion over the last 50 year has definitely had a complete turn around. The activewear throwbacks gave us a better appreciation for 2021 women’s gym clothing that prioritises support and comfort. Shop 2021 workout wear at Avvini Athletica, where we are committed to putting you first to ensure you can achieve your fitness goals with confidence while wearing our squat proof and sweat proof workout clothing.