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Where to Buy Activewear Australia

Where to Buy Activewear Australia

Activewear is a specialised style of clothing that is adapted for all variations of sports and recreational activities. Whether you play a specialised sport, go to the gym, workout at home or a simple outdoor walk and grabbing a coffee with friends, there are limitless uses and styles of activewear to compliment your active lifestyle. The most common form of purchasing anything nowadays is online, with consumers preferring to purchase through e-commerce websites rather than regular brick and mortar retail shops.

This is a favourable purchasing option as you’ll find e-commerce brands provide up to date stock availabilities, fast shipping and delivery, returns, and a larger range of products all accessible within the comfort of your own home. The term ‘Activewear’ produces just under 10,000 Google searches per month in Australia, and with an abundance of activewear brands to choose from, the e-commerce activewear industry is highly competitive with access to a voluminous number of consumers. With that in mind, some consumers prefer to shop in-store due to proximity to activewear retail stores, the ability to try on for approximate sizing, colour, and material preferabilities or if they don’t want to pay for extra shipping costs and wait for deliveries to arrive. When looking to buy from an activewear brand, different characteristics stand out to different consumers such as range of sizing and styles, quality of material and if they are keeping up to date with the latest activewear trends.

Some activewear brands don’t provide a very large range of activewear, limiting consumer choice when visiting their online or physical store. At Avvini Athletica we aim to provide a large range of activewear collections to suit all different personalities, sizing, and preferences to help choosing your favourite activewear for any physical activity easy.

Plus Size Activewear- Where to Buy the Best Quality

Plus size fashion embraces body positivity and inclusivity, most importantly in the activewear industry it encourages and increases confidence in attending the gym or working out at home. An important factor that all activewear brands should incorporate in their activewear collections is a wide range of sizes to fit all body types and shapes. Having a wider range of sizing available shows inclusivity of all women, alongside providing high quality material and styles that will increase confidence when working out.

It is also important to look for activewear brands that incorporate models of all shapes and sizes showcasing their activewear as to show that anyone can wear the clothing, not just the Victoria’s Secret super model types. Avvini Athletica provides sizing small, medium and large that may seem like a small range, however, are designed to fit and look flattering to any body type due to the high-quality and elasticity of the material. From leggings to shorts, sports bras and long sleeves, Avvini aim for inclusivity of all and ensure all women look and feel confident while working out no matter your size.

Activewear Brands Australia

Different activewear brands supplement the various active lifestyles that Australians live by. If you’re looking for activewear that is more favourable in specialised sports such as tennis, football, netball, basketball, golf and more, then activewear brands Nike, Adidas, Puma, and Reebok would be preferable. These brands are popular within the specialised sporting industry through their creation of sport-specific activewear that are designed to complement the specific movements and style of sport being played. Event and individual sponsorships are another reason why these brands are largely favoured within specialised sporting, taking full monopoly of the industry.

Vital Scrunch bum leggings

For working out at the gym, at home or doing day-to-day activities then there are many activewear brands out there to choose from that all provide different materials, styles, colours, patterns, and fabrics to suit your needs. Most brands can be found and purchased online from e-commerce websites that are local or international, widening the range of activewear brands for you to choose from. If you’re looking for Australian owned, activewear brand Avvini Athletica provides activewear to suit all workout preferabilities from yoga and pilates, conditional strength training and high-intensity cardio.

Avvini Athletica provide a wide range of leggings, shorts, sports bras and long sleeves that are all made with the highest quality moisture-wicking fabric that can withstand all levels of intensity. From warmer weather to the colder months, you will feel most comfortable and confident during your workouts.