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Top 7 tips for washing your Avvini Athletica gym wear

Top 7 tips for washing your Avvini Athletica gym wear

A lot of our Avvini Athletica products are made from Spandex, Nylon and Polyester. Using these fabrics give our products that smooth, stretchy and durable feel that we all know and love. We all love wearing our gym wear because how comfortable and flattering it can be even when we are wearing it for casual wear. Here at Avvini we want all of our customers to get the most out of their gym wear to keep it look and feeling as the day you bought it. We have listed some helpful tips to keep your gym wear in shape!

  1. Let the fabrics breathe after a workout if they are sweaty 

After a bg workout or run you should always allow your gym wear to breathe. This allows the sweat to dry out and the bacteria to die. It can be very tempting to just peel off sweaty gym clothes and throw them in a pile but that is probably the worst thing you can do for your gym wear. 

  1. Turn clothes inside out

It is highly recommended that you turn your clothing inside out. By doing this you can avoid any pulls and threads catching that may ruin your gym wear. Items like our Luna seamless and Adapt scrunch leggings need to be turned inside out when washed. Luna is made of a honeycomb like fabric and can get caught on other items when in the washing machine. 

  1. Don’t over do the detergent 

You may get caught up with putting more detergent in your washing machine thinking it will actually help keep your gym wear smelling clean and fresh, although you are actually doing the opposite. By adding more detergent in the wash you are causing the detergent to build up in your clothing and this creates the perfect harbouring ground for bacteria. 

If your gym wear is already suffering from this type of build up of bacteria and detergent you can add 100ml to 250ml of white vinegar to your washing load on a rinse cycle, depending on the size of the wash. Make sure you do a test patch to be 100% that you will not ruin the fabrics on accident. After your gym wear has gone through the 

  1. Stay away from fabric softener 

Fabric softener should never be used on synthetic fabrics. It can cause the same build up of bacteria as over using detergent. Your leggings and crop tops may smell great when they first come out of the wash, but will soon start to smell after wearing them for a bit. If you are washing elastane you will want to avoid fabric softener at all cost, it will dull the finish and stay on your clothes again cause build up of bacteria. 

  1. Avoid heat for stretchy fabrics no hot water

Avoid warm or hot washes for your gym wear, it will ruin the elastane in them and cause the hip hugging stretchy leggings to sag. Consider washing your gym wear below temps of 30ºC  or as low as 20ºC to keep the elastic in your gym wear in its best condition. 

  1. Use a laundry bag

It should come to no surprise that you should be using a laundry wash bag for your delicate items and gym wear comes under that category. Laundry bags are a great item to be using when you are wanting to protect your clothing from damage but also allow it to be thoroughly washed.
One of the best benefits of using a laundry bag is that they will catch small microplastics from our clothing during the washing process and avoid putting these harmful plastics into our waterways. 

  1. Do not tumble dry 

Tumble dryers are notorious for heating up clothes and shrinking them to 3 sizes smaller than when you originally put them in! Gym wear needs to be dried on an air rack or a clothes line. Drying your gym wear this way not only protects the elastics in your leggings and tops but will help dry and kill any built up bacteria lingering after being washed. 


We here at the Avvini Athletica Team really hope all these tips will help you take better care and encourage you to keep your gym wear in the best condition possible.