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How To Maintain Your Fitness Routine

How To Maintain Your Fitness Routine

It’s easy to start a new fitness routine, but sustaining it and maintaining those good habits are where it starts to become difficult. It happens all too often that people go through phases of starting a new fitness routine before ending it after a few weeks, over and over. Not that there’s anything wrong with this, but the best way to achieve and see results is to maintain and stay dedicated to your routine instead of on-and-off phases of going to the gym and exercising then not going at all. Regular exercise brings so many benefits aside from the physical aspects, you can see improvements in self-esteem, energy and overall feelings in general. We put together some tips for you to keep a sustainable fitness routine without it feeling like a chore.

  1. Find your favourite form of fitness

Whether it’s yoga, weight lifting or running, finding exercise that you truly want to do can really influence how we think about it. Enjoyment is one of the most essential parts of any fitness routine, yet so many people overlook it. When we choose to do something we don’t enjoy, our subconscious mind starts resisting before we even realise. But when we find something we like, we categorise it as a positive experience and want to revisit it time and time again. So find a movement you love to do, you’ll no longer see it as a form of training that you have to push yourself to get over and done with, but something you can be happy to approach when the time comes for it. 

  1. Ease into it

When beginning a new workout routine, people tend to jump straight into the deep end without knowing really where or how to properly begin. This doesn’t give us enough time to dedicate and commit to our new fitness routine, and can quickly be one of the reasons as to why we bin a workout routine. It’s great to be enthusiastic about your exercise, but it's important that you aren’t creating impossibly high standards at the beginning of your fitness journey. It takes time to develop routines through consistent behaviour, so be mindful of creating a routine that is suitable for you at the beginning that you can develop as you grow. 

  1. Have a reason

There is no point starting a fitness routine without a reason to begin with, this increases the chances of kicking your routine to the curb given you didn’t have a reason to keep going to begin with. Whether it’s for increasing your strength/fitness levels or building self-confidence, you need to have a purpose behind your training to help you build a habitual routine. Having a reason will help you see your workouts as motivating, not a chore. When you start to feel as if your workouts are an effort, you’ll have something to come back to that’ll flip your switch and encourage you to keep pushing through. Your reason can be more of an influence to get working out than you realise. 

  1. Develop a meal plan to prep

Meal plans aren’t strictly for body builders or bikini competitors, planning nutritious meals in advance keeps you accountable for your health outside of the gym that can also have a positive impact on your performance in the gym. When your diet is on track your fitness and workouts are likely to follow. Unhealthy foods negatively affect our bodies, physically and mentally. When we eat too much unhealthy food we can feel more lethargic and lazy, craving the comfort of our couches or beds rather than the squat rack. 

  1. Find a space you’re comfortable in

A space where you feel welcomed and inclusive is important when it comes to exercise. When we feel anxious or nervous in the environment we workout in, there is a chance we want to avoid going there at all costs. Find a space that you can feel completely comfortable in and you’ll find yourself excited to take part in your choice of exercise. Supportive instructors or other class participants can help you feel included if you choose to participate in group exercise. Otherwise, opting for a gym that your friends go to and know you feel comfortable visiting is the next best alternative. There are plenty of beginner friendly gyms you can visit, and before you know it you’ll be making new friends you can socialise with at the gym!

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