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Do Textured Leggings Counter Cellulite?

Do Textured Leggings Counter Cellulite?

Our Luna leggings are a special design which contours to your body, works to offer support and enhances the shape of your body – while at the same time working to ensure you have a smooth look.

Wearing a fabric that stretches four ways will help to hide cellulite and create a smooth look on your bum and legs. While the cellulite might be there, this four-way stretch works to provide a contouring texture on the skin and offers serious support.

How to ensure your leggings make your body look good.

Choosing a pair of leggings that works to hide cellulite is a common focus for those seeking the ultimate look in their active wear leggings. Whilst cellulite is a common occurrence for women around the world, reducing the appearance of cellulite is often considered a great feature of high-quality leggings. 

There are plenty of features that are commonly looked for by women globally in leggings, we’ve outlined some below.

Features you want in a pair of leggings: 

  • Quality material that is four-way stretch – this is a great way to reduce the appearance of any cellulite on your body and also works to provide greater comfort for those wearing the leggings.
  • High waistband – a high waist offers extreme comfort for the wearer and means your scrunch bum leggings won’t roll down and be uncomfortable during your workout or when you are wearing them day-to-day. Low waist or low rider leggings will show bulging and aren’t always a great option when working out.
  • Moisture-wicking fabric – when you do a great workout you sweat, so it is important to choose a pair of leggings that will absorb the sweat without showing on your leggings. Moisture-wicking material is common in the fitness and garment industry, and you should look for leggings that are manufactured using this innovative technology.

You want your leggings to fit well and look great, and this can be achieved by selecting a quality garment that is made by a designer who understands athletic garments and sportswear. Avvini specialises in flattering designs for leggings that work to contour the body and counter cellulite.

Luna Scrunch Butt Seamless Leggings counter cellulite

The Luna Scrunch Bum Seamless Leggings are high-performance leggings that offers four-way stretch to help with reducing the look of cellulite on the legs and bum.

Incorporating a flattering design and made from the finest materials, Luna Seamless Scrunch Bum leggings comes complete with a compressive waistband, full body support, and innovative quick drying material.

The highly coveted design works to emphasise the bum and legs for all the right reasons thanks to the four-way stretch material that is made using 88% nylon and 12% spandex. 

If you’re searching for leggings that will help to conceal cellulite, the Luna scrunch bum Seamless Leggings works to ensure the perfect look for your next workout.

Avvini Athletica offers free express shipping for orders over $120 across Australia.  No matter where you are located in Australia, exploring the Avvini range of leggings is a great way to ensure you are wearing quality leggings that are designed to show off all of your best assets during your workout. Check out the Avvini range online for the perfect leggings that will emphasise your body in all the right places.