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If you follow us on Instagram, then you’d know that Avvini Athletica is partaking in a sitewide sale from Tuesday 9th to Thursday 11th of November. No need to add a coupon code, 30% will be taken off your entire cart at the checkout! 

What are the hottest items to add to your cart? 

Sometimes it can be overwhelming when you want one of everything in every style and colour. From scrunch bum leggings to sports bras to protein shakers, it’s hard just to pick one item you really want. First, you must ask yourself what you are missing in your activewear draw. Do you have enough basic gym clothes? If not, then go and grab our Luna Collection. This collection will fly off the shelves. You can either get the classic Luna Collection or the new Luna X Collection, the main difference between the two collections is the colouring. The Luna X is one solid colour whereas the O.G Luna has a two-tone effect. You can’t go wrong with our Classic Crop Top in black or white, it truly goes with everything and is essential to have. 

Shorts for summer 

As we are only one month away from summer here in Australia, and the weather is getting warmer, it's time to break out the shorts! We have two collections that have shorts within them. Again, our classic Luna Collection and our Calypso Collection. Both collections have beautiful bright colours, which is perfect for summer! 

Ways to style shorts: 

There is no one way to wear shorts, just wear them however you feel comfortable and confident in them! We just have a few suggestions on how to style them if you are stuck on what to wear for your next workout. 

1. Baggy Tee 

The first way that you could style our shorts is paired with an oversized tee. This personally is my favourite way to wear shorts, I find when working out in this outfit, I feel the most comfortable. Just a little tip: if your top is super oversized then tucking it slightly into the shorts will allow the shorts to be more on show. And if you get too hot then you can always just take it off, this follows onto the next way to style your shorts. 

2. Crop 

This is the most simple way to style your shorts, simply just wearing your sports bra or a cropped tee. The great thing about our shorts is that they are quite high-waisted so it looks incredible paired with a crop.

3. Long Sleeve or Hoodie

Another way to style our shorts is with a long sleeve shirt! If you are waking up early to smash out your workout then a long sleeve or hoodie might be the answer to your problem. Wearing a long sleeve top can balance out an outfit.

4. Jumper Around Waist/Shoulders

The next way to style shorts is by wearing whatever top you want but then adding a jumper/hoodie tied around your waist. This can make your outfit look a bit more trendy and it adds depth to your outfit. Or more recently, people have been tying their jumpers around their shoulders.

5. More Casually 

The last tip we have for styling your shorts is to wear them more casually. Styling your workout clothes can be super easy and comfy! We suggest throwing on your shorts, a crop and a button-down shirt, paired with some slides or chunky sneakers.

Now you have some ideas about what is trending and how to style our key pieces then you are fully prepared for our Click Frenzy Sale! So take the chance to grab your favourite pieces while they are at an incredible price. Or this would be a great opportunity to get on top of your Christmas shopping!