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Best Exercises For Booty Growth

Best Exercises For Booty Growth

Leg day is a favourite when it comes to training with the Avvini Fam. Not only does training your glutes give you that peachy look we all desire our scrunch bum leggings to accentuate, it’s also essential for keeping your hips and thighs strong from when we sit, stand, jump and even climb stairs as our glutes are constantly engaged during these functions. 

To help grow your booty, here are 5 exercises to incorporate into your next leg day to grow your glutes and make your booty pop!

Hip Thrusts


Girl performing hip thrusts with a barbell wearing adapt scrunch bum leggings in grey


Hip thrusts are one of the best exercises to target your glutes, building strength and size in ways many other exercises can’t. This movement works not only your glutes but your quads, core and hip adductors for a high intensity workout that will engage your entire lower body. 

To level up your hip thrusts, you could even add a resistance band to increase the intensity of your set. You can shop our range of Avvini Athletica resistance bands on the website, there's a resistance level for everyone.

Back Squat


Girl performing barbell squat wearing pink adapt scrunch bum leggings and white classic crop top


Another staple exercise to include in your leg day routine is the Back Squat. This is a key exercise to build overall strength, power and size in your legs. When executed properly, this compound movement can strengthen your quads, hamstrings, abs, lower back and, of course, your glutes!

Romanian Deadlifts


Girl performing romanian dead lifts wearing pink adapt scrunch bum leggings and white crop top


The Romanian Deadlift (RDL) is a variation of the stiff legged deadlift that works your hamstrings and lower back more than the regular deadlift. When performed correctly, the RDL is a highly effective exercise that strengthens both your core and lower body in one movement. This is a movement that challenges your glutes and helps build strength, power and therefore size.

Weighted Reverse Lunge


Girl performing split squat with dumbbells wearing pink adapt scrunch bum leggings and white crop top


The split squat is a great compound exercise that stimulates your muscle fibres to increase in size. This exercise stimulates the same leg muscles as the regular squat, but the single-leg foundation increases the tension on your abdominal muscles and boosts your overall functional strength.

Banded Lateral Walks


Girl performing side steps wearing pink adapt scrunch bum leggings and white sports bra


The lateral banded walk is a great exercise to include into your warmup routine and engages many of the muscles that stabilise the pelvis, particularly your glutes. Hip, foot, ankle and knee joint stability are improved by doing this exercise, improving overall body movement efficiency during your workout. 

It is important to incorporate a range of exercises to maintain a balanced body. Ensure that you aren’t overworking one muscle, focus on exercises that optimise and challenge different muscle groups. That way you can be sure that your whole booty is working towards that peachy butt we all aim to achieve.

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