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10 Ways to get Motivated to Exercise

10 Ways to get Motivated to Exercise
1. Set yourself small goals:

Pursuing your fitness journey doesn’t mean you have to aim for the highest targets, quick activities count too! Starting simple with easy-to-reach daily tasks can prompt a healthy mindset, and set aside a bit of free time to achieve one.

Some spare time within your day could be when you're on your work break, going to buy your lunch or coffee, you could dedicate 10 minutes to listening to some music and walking around the block, it’s quick and easy, and you could change up your walking route each day.

While you're sitting down at home in the living room, you could commit to some quick equipment-free cardio, such as bicycle crunches, leg lifts and sit-ups, they are simple and effective, while you can also enjoy occupying your mind with your favourite tv show.

Just 10-20 minutes of exercise a day can significantly improve your overall health, and exploring small time frames where you can add in some exercise will help you feel accomplished.


2. Savour your favourite songs:

Get excited by saving your favourite tunes for when you work out, and start associating that playlist with going to the gym, exercising at home, or going for a jog. Exercises such as running/ walking benefit from this the most as they are more rhythmic ways to work out.

It is the same concept as enjoying your long car drives that much more when you have your best upbeat songs to sing to.

3. Find a fitness buddy:

Ask someone with the same mindset as you to make plans and work out, this is also a great way to get started at the gym.

When you have the encouragement of a friend or family member you’ll feel that much more confident whether you are at the same fitness level or not, you can still learn a lot from each other.

You will both have the chance to bounce new ideas off each other, feel more adventurous in trying out new things, and have a much more exciting experience than being by yourself.

During your workouts try having a little friendly competition together, record your progress and compare your goals, having someone to communicate with about your challenges and achievements boosts morale, and helps both of you strive for improvements.

Sometimes there can be some trouble with schedules not aligning, if this happens often don’t be discouraged, still try and communicate by phone call, to make your experience more social.


4. Keep it Diverse

Make sure to vary your routine or try something new each day, and be open to trying new equipment or activities even though you may not be confident in it to start with, everyone has gone through the same experiences, so give yourself time to learn.

Work out different muscles, and increase your intensity level, always strive for a greater challenge in your exercises to avoid getting stuck in a repetitive routine. Even if you have the set exercises that you enjoy, add to the duration of them, or take slightly less rest in between, small changes will show over time and you’ll have an extra few achievements to savour at the end of the month. 

5. Improve your Mood

Some days are harder to convince ourselves to make a trip to the gym or to commit to a heavy workout, we can’t expect ourselves to have the same drive every day with demanding work and personal life situations that can change our mood greatly.

Some more calming exercises that can help improve your mindset and still maintain some daily fitness include walking (try a new area and different scenery), aerobic workouts such as swimming and cycling or using an elliptical trainer to get an easy rhythm going. It is also worth joining a yoga or pilates class, both exercises can be calming for the mind and being in a social situation can help distract you from any unmotivated thoughts.

6. Record Your Progress & Goals

Make a calendar and set reminders to get into the habit of recording each achievement and submitting the details of your workout. Having the ability to acknowledge the duration of that run without rest, how many more steps you climbed or how much weight you increased is so important as it puts into perspective how much you have improved.


7. Envision Yourself Succeeding

It is important to know where you want to be down the track of your fitness journey, remind yourself why you are committing and look forward to the future you!

Looking forward to completing daily routines, and realising your consistency as the weeks pass by, reflecting on how far you have come from the beginning of your journey is such an important aspect of gaining motivation, be impressed by the goals you reach and don’t be afraid to show others your achievements!


8. Capture your Progress

Take photos for yourself to look back on, changes may take time but pictures put into perspective how much progress has been made, it’s an amazing reward to see yourself change after all your hard efforts.

Becoming a part of a fitness community and sharing them with friends is an amazing form of support, surround yourself with like-minded people all committing to the same journey.

At Avvini we love to see women sharing their success and empowering others, feel free to share your routine or post a photo in your Avvini Activewear! Sign up to our Social Club and tag us on Instagram using @avviniathletica


9. Don’t Overthink!

Feel confident while you’re working out and most importantly have a fun time! No matter your fitness level or how long your current journey is, always remember you're doing it for yourself, to maintain a healthy mind and well-being.

10. Reward Yourself

Spend time doing something you love, and maybe even reward yourself with a new pair of leggings!

When you achieve your goals, put aside some time to make yourself feel good, you need to be kind to yourself so when you have achieved your goals, treat yourself! Hard work pays off.